Story: A nice time in Kuching  

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11/23/2006 6:58 am
Story: A nice time in Kuching

I was on holiday in Kuching for a week and went for couple of drinks with two of my friends at a local pub near the waterfront. You should go to Kuching. It is very romantic City especially by the waterfront. You will be able to see old colonial buildings, chinese shophouses and temples.

Met a nice native lady there after being introduced by my friend. I'm not going to mention her name. She was there celebrating one of her friend's birthday. We had a few rounds and got along very well. She mentioned that she's married for 5 years but no kid yet and her hubby is away on a course in KL.

Not long after that I informed my friends that I had to go back early to catch my morning flight the next day. My hotel is 10 minutes walk and I rather not take a taxi. Anyway... she said that she would drop me off at the hotel as my friends were still drinking.

Upon reaching the hotel, I asked her whether she like to have some coffee at the hotel lounge but she said she's not too sure. I asked her to park her car nearby and make up her mind. She suggested we just sit in the car and have a chit chat. I said sure. I then hold her hand and she did not mind me touching her. We talked as if we were very close and intimate.

I touched her hair, her face and mouth. Eventually I kissed her on her lips and we started making out in the car. It got to the point where my finger was in her pussy. Then invited her back to my room which she first hesitated, then agreed. We started making out in the lift with me feeling her under her dress. Thankfully it was pretty late at night and there was no one around.

Struggled to make it to the room as we were really into each other. As soon as I close my door, she unzipped me and started sucking my dick. Both of us were fully dressed and were still at the doorway. My dick was feeling soft due to the drinks and I wasn't actually in the mood to fuck but when a pretty hot girl offered, who am I to refuse.

Anyway, started stripping her when she was giving me a blowjob, then strip myself. Ended up in bed doing 69. Normally, I won't lick a stranger as I'm concerned with STD but she was hot and I was too drunk to give a shit. She started moaning when I lick her while she was sucking my dick. Couldn't take it anymore and wanted to screw her immediately. Flipped her around and put on a rubber. Thankfully I always carry rubber in my wallet.

Started screwing her missionary and she was screaming like crazy. I was worried that we would wake up the neighbours but I didn't ask her to shut up. Anyway, after about 10 minutes of humping with variations of missionary, I'd asked her to be on top. She started riding me and within 5 minutes, she came. Exhausted, she flopped herself onto me with my hard dick still in her. Then I asked her to roll over as I did her doggie and came.

Satisfied, we laid there and chatted for about 20 minutes. Then she started to play with my dick again and it started to become hard. This time, no foreply from me as I entered her and started banging away. We did all pose imaginable for about 45 minutes and she came 4 times. All the while, I was hard but couldn't come. My problem is that once I'd come, it's difficult to come again within a short time frame especially if I'm wearing a rubber.

Then I asked her to give me a blowjob to make me cum. She enthusiastically blew me for about 15 minutes before I blew my load in her mouth. I didn't warn her about it but she doesn't seem to mind as she sucked my dick and swallowed every little drop. Brave girl considering that we just met.

She spent the night in my hotel room and in the morning, started sucking my dick to wake me. With my little brother now wide awake, screwed her again. Feeling satisfied, we took a shower together, grabbed a shower and then she sent me to the airport. Earlier on I called up my friend telling them I won't be needing a lift to the airport. They did not suspect any hanky panky.

Any Kuching ladies?

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