Why tempt us?  

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1/14/2006 10:21 am

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Why tempt us?

It is Saturday! As usual, I hang around late (or early) till Sunday morning. Don't have much cash left with me so I took the Night Rider home.

I am surprise that the Night Rider is so crowded with passengers. Nevertheless, I managed to find myself a seat (lucky me!).

After a while a young girl sit beside me. This girl is not much of a looker but however, she has really nice curves and she is dress in such a seductive fashion. Her skirt was so short that when she sit down, her black colour panty revealed! But she quickly pull and adjusted her skirt and place her wallet in between those nice full thigh of hers.

Her top, is an almost seen though white spagetti top. And like most local girls nowadays, she revealed her lacey black colour bra-straps. Well, I am pretty turn on by girl's black undergarment. Don't asked me why.

I am sleepy on the bus, but however, my eyeballs just kept eyeing on those thighs, hoping to get a peek of her panty again! Urggghh!!! Here's my question to all girls out there:

Why you wanted to dress so seductively?
What signal are you sending to us, Men, when you don the cloth stingy fashion?
What you think we, men, would be thinking when you are wearing the revealing clothes?

When I got home, I SMS a close guy friend about my encounters. Few minutes later, he reply with a mssage:

"Check your email".

I did and are please to see the photo of a lady that fits almost exactly to this lady who sit besides me in the bus.

Think I would have wet dreams of short skirt girls tonight

Didn't bother to ask my close friend whether he know the girl in the photo he emailed me. Who cares? There's too many girls in such fashion nowadays. Fellow brothers, are we lucky or not for these can see but no touch display?

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