Virgin Exhibition!  

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1/17/2006 10:04 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Virgin Exhibition!

I promised myself to work on my "bra" tan lines! So today, without much hesitation, I pack my gears and hit for the nearest pool - which is around 8-10 bus stops away from my home!

While waiting for bus, I noticed that many people kept looking my way. Think my shorts is too short or my legs are nice to look at. Whatever, I am going to the pool so it doesn't make sense for me to be covered in suit right? But their stare sure makes me feel sexy. Now I realised the reason why girls love to dress sexily. The stare really could drive one horney. Correct me if I am wrong, girls?

When I finally board the bus, I grow even hornier. Suddenly a thoughts came to my mind, which could release my urge - why not do some "exhibitionist" stuff? So I just pull up my shorts and start to carress my "treasure". When it come to masterbation, I prefer carressing...

While caressing, I didn't forget to take down the moments for you guys to see. Hope my friends in my network would enjoy the pictures.

Some may ask me, did I cum. Well... why shouldn't I?

I did go to the pool in the end. However, I reach the pool and hit straight to the shower room, to wash away my cums, which I contain in my shorts. Nasty, I am!

After the shower, I just hail a cab and go home. What a nice "workout" on the bus

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