The Beach (No, Leonardo Di Carprio not included)  

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1/23/2006 8:01 am

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The Beach (No, Leonardo Di Carprio not included)

Getting ready for a good tan at the beach is always much of a task to me. To start with, the suntan lotion; since I am not those that always hang around at the beach, I have to ensure that I got a bottle of suntan lotion that is still not expired. Next, is my swim trunk. I have to ensure that it is in a fitting condition so that it won’t “slip” when I jump into the water! Of course I wouldn’t mind if it slips! Hehehe!!

Search through my cupboard and found two swim trunks. Seem that it has been almost two years since my last visit to the pool or beach. Shame on me to self-proclaimed, in my profile here, that I am into sea sports.

Tried the two swim trunk and notice that I need to trim those hair at my groin area. So I take out a shaver and started to trim. While trimming, it makes me wonder whether girls prefer to see “hairy-groin” guys or hairless guys? I thought a clean-shaven bikini line is arousing to look at. But that is my perspective, a man’s perspective. So people, do share your opinion about this.

Got a nice, neat trimmed and donned my trunks again. Ultimately, I decided to choose the dark blue trunk as my “precious” is less visible in it. Again, I wonder whether we need to wear any underwear beneath the trunk? Maybe our precious is more discreet? Girls, do you all wear underwear under your swimsuit?

And where girls could easily concealed their nipples in the swimsuit, it is not so easy for guys to conceal their “precious” in swim trunk. Girls, is it a turn on when you see the shape of men’s asset at the swim trunk?

Off I go to the beach tomorrow. Wish me a good “adult” adventure with a gorgeous Indian lady friend at the beach!

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