Secrets of sex-cess  

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Secrets of sex-cess

Receive the following email in my "INBOX" today. Thought I should share this wonderful (maybe) information to men in here.

[Quoted from email of Master A. Malik:
"I am promoting the manhood therapy program for MEN need to preserve, maintain and service our "Adam Asset - Penile" that had been created by GOD.The Manhood treatments include of Steam Herbal Therapy where You will confine in steam cubicle where you will remove your toxins from your body. Simultaneously it will removes 'WIND' in your blood stream and to maintain your blood circulation..The steam cubicle confinement is involves in 'Breathing Exercises' which is the fundamental 'State Art of War'. You will be taught how to control your own breathing techniques that is what was taught in 'Meditation'. This are all about Manhood Therapy Program & Techniques that are taught by our Manhood Ancestors."

"Benefits of Manhood Therapy Programs :-
1. Eliminate toxins from our body
2. Eliminate Cholesterol in our body
3. Balance Blood Pressure Circulation
4. Keeping firm and tender skin ( A youthful looks or Image)
5. Creates a healthy energy.
6. Relax nervous and blood circulation artery system
7. Remove 'WIND' in our blood circulation system.
8. Produce a Healthy Libido & Healthy Manhood and Prostate"

"The Manhood treatment covers - Duration between 1.5hrs
Manhood = Performance + Strength !

1. Breathing Techniques Exercises to control orgasm ·

2. Steam Blower to your Genital Area's·

3. Overhaul Therapy + Manhood Genital Area's

4. Educational Program - How To Preserve Your Manhood
Strength & Performance ! OPTIONAL

Manhood = Performance + Strength !"

"Our therapy session cover the topics how to maintain manhood strength and performance during your visit for the therapy services. Good health diets and herbal supplements are also vital for good blood circulation in our daily lives for achieving manhood performance and strength for the basis of 'Masculine Power'. Topics such as concept of Manhood, therapy skill's & breathing techniques and mind control are taught simultaneously so that you are able and independently control your orgasm power. With such therapy skills and therapy will developed you into more 'Manhood Vitality & Virility'. Because you will able to control 'yourself' during the ART OF WAR. With this skills & techniques that you will gain and learn during my educational therapy treatments."

"With this special herbal and properties mixtures to revive small, weak and listless penis. It has been proven for effective to enlarge and maintain your blood artery vessel around your penis. This will enhance your sexual performances during intimacy."

"Very effective For Men with 'special problem' - Non-endurance and premature ejaculation or weak erection. It can also help in strengthening and enlarging the penis blood vessels. Thus enhancing the blood's oxygen intake and virility circulation to the penis and overcoming stress and fatigue due to backaches problem.
For Healthy Men who desire for a stronger erection, stiffer, larger and better performance penis. A regular maintenance of your adam asset prolong your sexual activities power and pleasure in your lifetime. For Older Men (above 50 years) wish to rejuvenate and build their healthy manhood - Manhood treatments are recommended at least 2 or 2.5 months for tuning and servicing your penile{Manhood} with virility nervous system. This is to increase their sperm count and prevention from prostate complexity for a Life Long Relationship."

"It had been proven Manhood Therapy to apply for MEN. Our program works well and effective together with certain procedures and maintaining the healthy diets along with traditional manhood therapy programs."

End of email quotes from Master A. Malik.]

BTW, the therapy is done by A.Malik (man) himself. I had tried manhood therapy in Thailand but it was done by lady. The lady who perform the therapy for me advised me not to ejaculate. She said that it would be better that I "cool off", go home and make love to my girl friend and ejaculate. Indeed, I noticed that I am able to "spray" further and the orgasm is more intense. Or is it my mind is playing tricks?

Of course having your "precious" massage by some sweet young thing is great. Now, the feeling must be quite uncomfortable if a man start pressing my precious. And situation would be even more embarassing if I can't hold back and "exploded"! So gayish to me

Anyone ever tried this before? If you have, please comment whether it does yield the benefits so-claimed by Malik.

Working towards a stronger manhood to please our women here!

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