Memoirs of a Super Model  

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1/16/2006 8:06 am

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Memoirs of a Super Model

During the rendezvous with my “teacher” yesterday, she advise me to do more work out as non penetration sex requires higher energy. So today, since I got nothing (better) to do, I just pack my gear and head for the gym.

I am serious to have a workout today! No ogling of girls or whatever similar nonsense is going to stop me! But I make this personal deal too quick and too early. As soon as I reach the gym, the “urge” rises again for wanting to say “hi” to a perfect curves lady pumping in super tight top and hot pants. Urghh! Why tempt us, girls?!

Fortunately, my discipline mind immediately jump on the beach press and then sit up beach and then weight station. I am working so hard (trying my very best not to look at that devil again) that before I knew it, an hour gone by. How time and tide wait for no man.

Enough of upper muscles building, I hit the road for an afternoon run. Run for 30 minutes before turning back to the gym and was relieve that the dangerous curves was gone. Now here’s the interesting part of today: I have the sudden urge to snap myself having a shower. I have always love looking at photos of naked hunks on magazines, taking a shower (I am straight okay!) and thought wouldn’t it be cool if I could also pull off similar feat?

So I rush into the shower room. Check in to the corner cubicle and start posing as if I am some super model and happily snapping. And the end result was neat. I am not any six-pack, D-cup chest man but I am satisfied to see that I am somewhere close (comforting myself here.).

Anyway, back to reality. Got to work out that abs and tan. Somehow, my tan lines looks as if I am wearing bra! Yucks (on me with bra tan lines)! And I got to make that 6 abs happen cause it is certainly going to arouse many ladies when they are riding on top of me.

Now to all ladies out there, which part of a men’s body attracted you most? Please share so that we men could work hard towards your requirement

P.S. There are more photos of me in the shower room. Those in my network please check it out! Those (ladies) who are not in my network, please drop me a message to be included. I certainly welcome you with open arms!

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