It Sensual time!  

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1/30/2006 2:23 am

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It Sensual time!

Today is another day for our sensual massage session. Although the respond is bad as compared to the earlier session (with many friends backing out at the final notice), still I am very happy to see Taiwanese girl, Anna again. More to celebrate is that today we are alone! Yes! Anna and me only!

When we meet at Chinatown MRT today, I told her that it is only the two of us and if she is not comfortable, we could just go for a drink. To my surprise, she agreed to proceed to the hotel to continue the massage! Daring!

Once in the hotel room, she immediately undressed herself and went for a shower. As for me, I took out my digital cam and asked her if I could snap a few shots of her having a shower. She smile and said she rather take some sexy photo rather than nude photo.

While I am pondering what she meant, she already put on her g-string and started spraying water on her body! Boy! What a sight of her having a shower in that g-string. I happily took a shot. By now, I am having a real hard on. Still I must remain gentleman and not to do any drastic action to betray her trust to come to this hotel with me, alone.

Just when I was about to leave the shower room, she asked me to join her in the shower. She said that we only reserve two-hours for the room, it would be rather a waste of time if we take turn to shower. Would I wait? Immediately I strip naked and join her.

Wow! She is really an Angel! She rubbed soap on my whole body and even genital! Gosh! I am really solid hard by now and the sticky substance was already emitting! But she just smile and continue to rub soap on my balls and solid shaft, in a motion that almost like jerking! She asked me whether I like her doing that. I told her “OF COURSE!”.

Next we proceed to the bed and I massage her. In return for her kindness in washing my “precious”, I give her a real good massage on her body and of course, her favourite, on her pussy. She wants me to makes her cum as well times today. So I just go on and on giving her climax after climax! Hey! Today she would jerk me whenever she climax. But just for a while, not enough to makes me cum.

Time really flies. Two-hours pass swiftly and I gather that she had cum around 5 times! I wanted to give her more but we got no choice but to quickly wash up and leave the room.

We didn’t go separate ways after that. We sit down at the nearby cafĂ© for a chat and coffee. Chatted with her for around two-hours before we call it a day. She is really a nice girl with many wonderful travel experience and life philosophies to share.

She may seem to be a slut to her friends because she is like us, very much indulged in sexual activities. However, that doesn’t mean that she is not a great friend to associate with. But, like she said, would the other accept people like us (swingers)? Letting others knew of our lifestyle would compromise our career, family and even life!

Well, let’s just keep this swinger stuff between ourselves, fellow swingers. We should start treat each other with respects, instead of view each other as gigolos or whores. Because except us, nobody else would respect us.

P.S.> Oh before I sign off, I forgot to mention that she decided to left her wet g-string in the hotel room. Meaning, she didn't wear anything under that demin short skirt! Gosh! You could imagine how turn on I am while chatting with her!

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