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7/25/2005 3:19 pm

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5/21/2006 4:07 am

My poems

As I lay in the darkened room in the house of shame
I feel myself, my soul, my past slip away
Its slowly dripping, drip drop thru my hands
Its dissipating into the air and into nothingness

This past year has caused this withering of my soul
The things that I have done are the cause of this corruption of innocence
I cant change what I’ve done, but oh how I wish I could
If only I had resisted the sweet elixir u provided
If only I had been stronger to deny this so-called gift
If only I had walked away instead of staying

But I did not and I am paying for the evil deeds
My soul is paying for the ungodly sins I committed
I no longer know the person in the mirror staring back at me
This stranger seems so inexplicably familiar yet so different at the same time

So it seems that this drifting away is only expected
That this pain is my due for my sins
That maybe this will change me somehow
But something deep inside of me denies that feeling
Somehow I know things will never change
I will remain the same seemingly innocent person
While on the inside lurks a monestrous demon
If you only knew what I’ve done
You wouldn’t be able to look me in the eye

So I lay here and just let it happen
It was bound to happen sooner or later
So there’s no use stopping it
My heart is icing over as I let myself become doomed
But I don’t even care anymore
It’s the only just payment for my horrible crime
I dare not move as it happens, and my soul screams for redemption
But there’s no turning back time
So I let the pain and memories seep from within
And my heart beats no longer as I let
The pain drift away into nothingness.

rm_wildanjel67 51F

10/19/2006 2:06 pm

Love the Poem, I also write poetry, and I just wanted to tell you that the poem you wrote was awesome baby, i could so relate to it, which as you know is the key when expressing your feelings. I have always wanted to write a poem that everyone, man or woman could relate too. I would love to read more. Look for me if interested, and will share mine too, among other things, if you want. By the way the tattoos are hot too. I also have some. SO let me know if you like what you see and if you do, reach out and you might touch me baby.

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