Sex mad  

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7/14/2006 5:04 pm

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Sex mad

This is a little tale about a guy and a girl... They met on holiday, they had lots of fun having sex on the beach, and lots of other interesting places.
They then went their separate ways never expecting to see each other again. But unknown to the guy the girl liked him and came looking for him. They met again and this time they did get together, and soon got a house and got married. They even had a good sex life!!!! for a while anyway. Two kids later and about six years the girl got bored with her life and decided to go and find some fun.....
Sex now dried up between our guy and girl and now hes begining to get frustrated... Wanking off to naked pictures although enjoyable its not very satisfying.
Then he finds out about her affair.....big fight no just silience. Stunned silience and erotic dreams of catching her doing it....
But the greeneyed monster is pushing his way in.. Our guy wants to be free to see and feel all these things but being the shy guy and not very well off he cant or maybe he wont.
Again and then a third time he finds out about affairs. Each time he takes her back each time getting more and more frustrated with his own lack of balls to go out and explore his own desires...
Then he finds a lady from long ago whom he had lusted after, whom he could tell of his frustration and pent up desires. She listens and then one night she offers him the every thing he wants her. She lays herself on a platter for him to enjoy but he cant shes been drinking and that wouldn't be right...
Still all through these dark days he makes love to his wife, he even fucks her when she wants fucking. She asks him to do things and he does them because although he loves sex and the idea of shagging another woman he hasn't found that woman yet.
Ive asked her to join me on here and to see if as a couple we mite find those naughty times again. It drives me nuts when I don't know where she is or who she is with more with gealousy than anything else. Knowing she is doing what I want to do is so fucking nuts.
So ladys, couples and know it alls where do I go from here?? I dont mind her shagging but when is it my turn to get in on the act and how do I get in on the act?

hotmama3512 48F

7/14/2006 6:18 pm

i say dont just talk about it but do it! there are alot of couples who may be interested in a exchange just look around! start chatting with some and go from there...good luck! My bet is when she sees u getting out there she will come after u. that green-eyed monster is a bitch!

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