The crying of a soul  

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1/29/2006 8:54 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The crying of a soul

My soul crys out longing to be expressed. The feeling of wow deep in my heart. For you have moved me a side in your affections, your desires have move away from me. I no longer I no longer fill that space in your heart. Our hearts meet and a soung of love played, but soon our minds got in the way, clouding our hearts with things that could never be.

As I look at your face the face of an angel I dream of touching your soft skin, of caressing your enchanting hair with my hand. Only in my dreams have I seen such elegance. My heart is filled with a joy that word can't describe. My dreams are filled with though of you every wakening moment. I feel for you, I dream of the day that I will take you in my arms, and press your soft lips to mine, and hold you in my arms. If what grows in my heart id not love them no man has ever loved, no man has dared to dream of one so lovely. Words fail to describe a goddness, you have taken captive my soul. To hold you would be to soar thorugh the sky as a bird. Who's heart is filled with the joy of life. You have brought meaning back to my life. My heart is now and forever catured by you. The loneliness of my existence has been lifted by your touch from a far. For without you I would dwell in darkness, yes you are my light, the true reason for living.

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