Wasting time  

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5/11/2006 8:49 pm

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Wasting time

I have found that a lot of people don't share well. They don't even play well. At least we get to talk on thru these blogs. We don't get to see a live person as we write, so we write at people. Telling them what we think is what they want to hear. We seem to be taking communication to a higher level . We can inform or help educate hundreds of people who read our writtings. What we don't do is listen. I worked for a very rich man once, we were walking around his apartment complex (which I managed). After we were done and we were walking back to his car he looked at me and said "you don't say to much do you". I told him I listen alot and hope to learn something. He said a good friend of his was the same way. He told me that man was Warren Buffet. I'll never forget that and I'll never stop listening.

So please feel free to write back, tell me what you think.

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