Sleeping days,  

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5/13/2006 9:33 pm
Sleeping days,

When I was younger I used to work nights. We had 2 sons and had to have a baby sitter during the day while I slept, as the kids were young. The sitter was a slender girl with small but very firm breasts. She was very cute and smiled all the time.She was very sexy. She was friendly and always talked to me if I was awake. Days she did not have to sit for the kids she would come over just to talk to me. My wife worked days and was gone 9a to 6p. The sitter who's name was Bobi, a knick name, was coming over every day now and we started to get close and very friendly. If I was awake in bed she would come in and jump on me and wrestle.We kept this up for a few weeks, one morning I was awakened by Bobi, she asked me if I was ok and I said yes. She said she was hoping I had waited up for her. I told her I was sorry and was tired and feel back to sleep. A little later I felt someone under the blanket with me. It was Bobi and she was sucking my cock. My head cleared very fast. She continued for a few minutes and I pulled her legs around my face, she had no clothes on. I buried my tounge inside her. My tounge was licking her young pleasure zone. She was going faster and faster up and down on my cock. Before I could cum she did. She exploded all over my face. Her juices were running down my throat. I sucked more and more and she came again. She screamed out loud and just layed on top of me. She couldn't move. I started to gently lick her tenderly again. She started to move. I pulled her up off me and brought her face to mine. She kissed me and licked all of her juices off my face.I then started sucking on her breasts. She grabbed my cock and gently slide it inside her. We fucked each other as hard as we could, we slowed and enjoyed the pleasure of each other. This went on for what seemed like hours (I wish) until we both came. I was still sucking her young breasts and moved up to her neck and face and mouth. We held each other for sometime. She asked me if I was mad, I just smiled and said, "wait till the next time". She had managed to put a condom on me before I entered her. We got up to take a shower. I took the condom off and set it down. We got in the shower and washed each other off. She got down and sucked my cock until I came hard in her mouth, she swollowed most of it. We cleaned each other again and I got back in bed. She got the kids up and took them for a walk. You know I never found that condom, I asked her and she said she did not dispose of it. I never found it, my wife never found it.

We continued this relatioship for two years. I even fucked her in the chair under the window, that looked out over where the car was parked. My wife and I were going out, I left the keys inside and had to go get them. I yelled out the window to my wife, "where are the keys". She yelled back she didn't know, as she sat in the car waiting.I was just putting my cock in Bobi, this had to be quick. I pullled out just in time to cum all over her stomack. She licked me clean and I ran out to the car and we drove off. My wife never even suspected. We had a great several years and then I didn't see her for about 6 months. I get into more detail about that later.

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