More Changes to Your Way of Life  

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More Changes to Your Way of Life

More Changes to Your Way of Life

Because weight loss surgery can lead to serious nutritional deficiencies, you'll need regular checkups to measure your blood levels of key nutrients. These follow-up tests, initially scheduled every 3-6 months, and then every year or two, will test your levels of:

* Red blood cells (low count signals anemia)
* Vitamin B12
* Folate
* Iron
* Calcium

We also schedule numerous follow-up office visits to help support you as you work through your new diets. These consultations will also help you build emotional strength as you adjust to your new way of life.

You'll also want to stay in touch with your dietician. After the first year or so, you'll be able to tolerate more food, and will need to work closely with a professional to adjust your diet so that you don't regain weight.

Remember, success depends on maintaining healthy dietary habits for life. Though your initial weight loss will slow over time, if you are diligent, you can still continue to lose weight years after your surgery.Here are the statistics: 80% of weight loss surgeries are successful. Of the 20% that are not, the number one reason for failure is not following the post-surgery diet and even going over the liquid high-calorie diet.

More information about dietary guidelines after surgery

While weight loss surgery is over in a few hours, the changes to your life will remain for the rest of your life. Though most of these changes are positive and exciting, you may want help processing and adjusting to new ways of living. It's ongoing. And many patients say it's helpful to speak with others who are going through the same thing. Or have had a similar experience in the past. You'll probably develop close connections in your support group and will want to continue to meet with your new friends forever. So look at support groups as an investment in your long-term success.

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