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Update 2/13/05
WOW!!!! That’s all we can say about the "Super bowl" party we had last Sunday. I've seen things done at that party between 2 particular women, I didn’t even know were possible. The 2 women you see in those pictures on our profile are really creating a bond with each other and it seems every time they get together, they are trying to out do each other sexually, needless to say everyone else in the room are the beneficiaries of their attempts to one up each other. So here's how some of the night went, "S" purchased a rabbit and anal beads and used it along with nipple clips on "R", “S” started by licking “R’s” nipples and then placing a clamp down on each one, and these clip can have the pressure adjusted, so throughout the process we noticed “S” tightening down on the clamps. Then “S” began kissing ”R” rite in between her thighs and you could see “R” was enjoying it very much, then “S” turned on that rabbit and opened ”R’s” pussy and you could see all the wetness, and ”S” licked her finger and stuck it into “R’s” pussy. Then she pulled it out, licked her finger and said “tasty” and everyone in the room went crazy, “S” is NO JOKE, she comes to play ay every party and has never disappointed.
Then “S” took the rabbit and started licking it and stuck it into “R’s” pussy and you could see the cream of ”R’s” pussy all over the rabbit. Then “S” took the rabbit out of “R’s” pussy and turned “R” over and began to eat “R’s” ass and then began to lick and stick the anal beads one by one into “R’s” ass when they are all in “S” turned “R” back over and began to fuck her with the rabbit "R" came so hard that she cried and "S" kissed her from head to toe and that seemed to calm "R" down.
Then "R" pulled out her own bag of tricks and bought out a bullet and some sort of red twisted (literally) soft dildo. "R" laid "S" down and "spat" onto "S's" pussy and began to lick her from her clit to her asshole with her tongue and then began to pop her clit with her tongue ring. Then she put that bullet onto "S's" clit, as she pushed her tongue in and out of "S's" pussy. After a while she took that twisted looking dildo and slowly began to fuck "S" in her asshole with that dildo, and within a few minutes "S" had come a few times and they ended it with one of the most deep and sensual tongue kisses I've ever seen in we entire life, we knew they were feeling each other but DAMN!!! All night all we could say was WOW!!!

Update 2/05/05
Hey Guys,
Sorry for the delay on the update about last weekend’s party but that's due to one couple that was a “no show” (what else is new) and another couple that was a "virgin-non participant", but we’ll get back to that, here’s what we’ve come to tell yall about.
We’ve decided to throw a SUPER BOWL HALF TIME PARTY at our house, since I know a few good people in the catering business this one is actually going to be catered and since my lady knows a few good people in the strip club industry LOL this is going to be a night of good food and fun, DAMN I can’t wait, my girl is actually making me wait all week for some “nookie” so I’m going to be ready on Super bowl Sunday, WOO HOO.
This wasn't an open invite but only for those who we know and have partied with previously, you know the "REAL ONES" BTW, we have their phone numbers so we CALLED them, no "PRIVATE" numbers show up on either caller ID, LOL..I kill me...
Now let us get back to last weekend seems most of the people "say" they are real, but when they come to our parties (if they show up at all) want to come and watch others, so lets clear his up.
If your ever invited to one of our parties and you and you accept our invite and come to only WATCH, understand others expect to WATCH you as well, to what degree you and your mate perform alone is your call, again never any pressure to perform with others but Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee don't come to our parties expecting it to be a room full of naked people having fun and you and your partner are fully clothed just looking at everyone have sex, you got to admit that would be very uncomfortable, also if your new to this and "just checking out the scene", expect to get naked and have your “scene checked out” too its only fair to the others at the party.
So how did the party go well after the 1 "virgin-non participant couple" left (in their emails they were so BOUT IT, BOUT IT, LO, we simply got BUSY!!! So the same people you see in the profile pictures are the same that partied that night, BUT DONT WORRY I know the SUPER BOWL HALFTIME PARTY is going to be HOTTER THAN JULY, and its a good thing we and our friends have great relationships because we do this for fun its not a necessity our relationship needs no more excitement. We know it wasn't a sexual update per say, but we KEEP IT REAL the good and the bad you must admit...

Update 1/22/05
We are throwing a party next weekend Saturday the 29th @ 8:00pm at the usual place in East Rutherford, NJ (exit 16W)off NJTP. If you read our profile you'll see all our PARTIES ARE FREE,(drinks and food) and there's never any pressure to perform, you can always watch (as a couple or single female) when the party begins or you can leave with no hard feelings, we understand not everything is for everyone...
If interested and SERIOUS, email us and we'll get back with a phone number, everyone must CONFIRM for our parties..

Update 1/17/05
Today I (male) did a "nooner" with one of the hottest young ladies on AdultFriendFinder (just my humble opinion). 5'4" or so, 110-115 lbs, nice tits and ass, extremely sensual and very attractive. Since we are local we had been trying to hookup for months, but our schedules weren't allowing for it to happen, but she's a persistent little one. Let me tell ya "P" and I wore each others ass out from the moment she came into the hotel room until she left (pictures are in the network), I tell ya you gotta Love AdultFriendFinder, well that's if your serious about meeting people, Bada da da da, I’m luvin it .

Update 1/04/05
Everyone New Years Eve was out of this world, for all those who know about our 1st 3 sum with "J" will be very pleased happy this story, so hearrrrrrrrrrrrrr we go... We met "J" NYE at the hotel in Inner Harbor MD as planned, "J" planned the evening since we were in her neck of the woods and she outdid herself, "J" took us to a very nice upscale local Restaurant, we had great conversation and dinner and drinks and before we knew it the New Year was about to come in, so we drove back to Hotel (which was across from the Harbor) and we quickly made our way to the down to the Harbor, and the fireworks display at Inner Harbor was absolutely incredible, so after the fireworks we get back to the Hotel and "J" decided to take a shower so my girl decided to join her and I thought "HEY" don’t leave me out, so I got in too, I got to tell you there is no lovelier site than two beautiful women together in a shower.
After the shower the ladies decided to oil each other up and get dressed for the occasion and there was a lot of leather and lace in the place. Well to make a short story long (lol), they ladies started eating each other out and I watch, I didn't join in until I was allowed (yes allowed). So when I was allowed joined we started with my girl riding me and "J" riding my face, and then they switched and "J" rode me BACKWARDS, and my girl rode my face facing the opposite way as well. Then me and my girl decided it was time for "J" to get off and we put her in the doggy position and my girl got under her and licked her clit as I fucked "J" from behind, oh yeah just so you know "J" hadn't had sex since the last time we were together in November (she doesn't like men that much, how lucky am I . “J” is one, if not the tightest women (vaginally) that I've ever had in my life, and she would tighten down whenever I went a little too deep (something to be said about that downward curve).
Well my girl decided that she wanted to watch me fuck "J" for a while, so she gets up and I turn "J" over and fast stoke her missionary style while my girl watched and rubbed "J's" clit, and about 5 minutes into it "J" starts to moan and tears start to come out of her eyes, my girl asks her if she's ok and she says yes and I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she said NO NO NO, please don't and on her last NO "J" squirted all over me, my girl, her own stomach, the bed was drenched and she began to cry, my girl began to cry they began to kiss and WOOOOOOO ….needless to say it was the hottest thing on the streets and just the beginning of our evening together, but we aren't ones to gossip so you aint heard it from us...LOL

Update 12/29/04
Guys I have to admit we been slacking in my UPDATE duties, but I think we've had like 1 party and 2 3sums and I didn’t update the page (excuse us, it’s the holidays) LOL. But this last 3 sum was absolutely amazing, and if you’re in our network (and you have pictures) the pictures are there for you to see.
We didn’t take the pictures, a friend of ours did and they came out real nice, he only sent 4 of them but more are to come (no pun intended), ENJOYYYYY..Oh yeah we have a 3 sum setup for New Years Eve, how much are we loving AdultFriendFinder rite now, Bada da da da, I’m luvin it .

Update 11/28/04
We have updated our network and we just added albums from our last 3 some and halloween party ALSO if your in our network of friends with no pics for us to see, you will see only 1 of our 9 albums in our network, seems only fair, actually its more than fair. So we guess you all know where you stand, also (and we cant believe we're saying this after 5 years on AdultFriendFinder) SINGLE MALES COME ON NOW, YOU KNOW YOU GETS NO LUV (network access or otherwise), UNLESS U BRINGING A FEMALE TO THE PARTY so "LETS DANCE..PUT ON YOUR RED SHOES AND DANCE THE BLUES" LOL, we so silly....

Update, 11/17/04
This has got to be one of our TOP experiences of the year. This past weekend we bagged the "Elusive Single Bi-Female" or the "UNICORN" (that’s funny), as we've also often heard them referred to as, and we did it in 4 days, YES 4 DAYS, we contacted her on Tuesday night and on Saturday night class was in session, (so kids take lessons).
"J" was as real as they come, and we didn't believe she was actually going to show up because she seemed TOO REAL, we exchanged info and she contacted us within the hour. To top it off she was from MD/DC area, (and we were willing to travel to her). YET SHE DROVE UP TO US (100 miles) to us, TALK ABOUT BEING GAME.
She drove 2 hours in rush hour traffic, and came ready to play, and boy did she ever. She was 5'6 115-120 lbs of pure passion, sophistication and beauty.
Here's how the night went, she pulls up to the hotel we Valet her car, she takes one look at us and smiles, (always a good sign). We all go into the hotel and plan the evening and we all decide on a nice sit down dinner, then come back to the hotel, since “J” had a long day.
We get to the restaurant and she has great conversation and a lovely personality, we were very impressed and enjoying the evening thoroughly. We get back to the hotel and we let her relax and watch TV for an hour or so, (by now its 1:00am) and my girl goes and takes a shower, then I follow, and the young lady isn't moving, so I make the move on her and my girl follows, she then "J" immediately strips out of her clothing and IT’S ON!!!!!
We're all naked in bed and I'm laying in the middle of two of the finest black women I've ever seen in my life and Bada da da da, I’m luvin it .
Really cant say much more, AdultFriendFinder denied my profile 7 days straight, so believe me the details are way too graphic, BUT if send us an email we'll reply with how the night went, it was amazing...
But let me tell ya here's something we can share about "J", she had never been with a couple before but some how we intrigued her and she was willing to try, best part about it she is still in contact with us and has expressed interest in getting together again. I guess that’s a good sign, every morning when we get to work she sends us a "smiley face" and every night when she get off work she chats with us, I think we made quite an impression, what do you think?

Update, 11/02/04
Our Halloween Party was a blast, we had couples from the "Philly and south jersey" area come to the party and it was no joke, they weren't scared to take pics or video, or scared of the webcam, hell they promoted it. One couple came as a Hooker and Pimp, another came as a well known rapper (you'd think he was the rappers twin) and his video groupie and of course I was a cop and my girl was a school girl, all we have to say about this party is look forward to seeing the pics in the network and a new video intro very soon, it was an amazing night.

Update 10/27/04
This is a double update, 1st update:
We've gotten allot of responses to our party but no definites, (and its Wednesday) So we've decided to change the parameters of the party, we are no longer requiring you wear a costume, we are going to actually WEBCAST this party whether its us alone or another couple (only if they like), my girls wants a fantasy filled and all I can say is it includes me in a cop suit, her in a school girls outfit, me stripping and some baby oil.
So if you’re in AC near AC or Cumming LOL to AC, let us know where willing to host and have fun, believe me when I say, we will be fine alone, but we thought it would be fun to have others along.
Our 2nd update is really amazing even to us, last Saturday night (22nd) my friend told me he wanted us to meet his new girlfriend, we said cool, we're going to be in Philly for the weekend so bring her on down to the Hotel Saturday night and we can do dinner, drinks and dancing.
He told her about "what we do" and she was open to still coming along, now check this out, he hadn't even kissed this young lady yet, but she was willing to come hang with knowing how the night could possibly end (our kind of girl).
To make a long story short after dinner and drinks we went to a Cuban club in downtown Philly and that seemed to set the mood. Then we went back to the Hotel and before you know it, me and my lady were out of our clothes and making love, his friend (mind you they had only held hands prior to this moment) simply laid back on the other bed and my friend watched us, before I knew what had happened all I heard was this loud moan and it wasn’t coming from my girl, we looked over and my friend had his entire hand down his new girlfriends pants and his tongue down her throat. They finally disrobe and he is giving her the pussy licking you'd ever seen in your life and she is responding as such, she came 4 time and made my girl cum twice from the excitement of her moans, then his girl then starts giving him the most incredible head I've seen in a long time.
All night long we were trying to test the limits with her, he attempted to bring her over to our bed, she pulled back, so then we went over to their bed and my girl wanted to eat her pussy, now remember, we didn’t know if his girl was bi we were just going to test limits and see how far we could go, so my girl gets one lick in and (this is where I messed up), I looked down and saw that and thought I'd hit it from behind while she ate my friends girls pussy, well I went to deep and my girls got 1 lick off and that was it, it seems my girl cant be fucked while she eats pussy, who knew?
Well 7:30 the next morning we started all over again and this time the sun is out we can see everything, and my friends lady couldn’t hide in the darkness, so when my friend went out to the car to get her overnight bag, I started fucking my girl again I gestured for my friends girl to come over and "guess who came to dinner", YES she came over and she began rubbing my nuts while I fucked my girl and before I knew it my girl was rubbing her clit along with me and she was Cumming and rubbing my girls clit and before I knew it I was Cumming and I nutted all over the her hand and my girls pussy and my friends girl rubbed the nutt all over my girls clit and pussy, and she even was nice enough to go get a towel, how's that for a first time meeting.
Now I don’t know if you've guys ever experienced this but think how rare this is, seriously, when was the last time you actually got to see a couple kiss or make love for the first time, just think about how intimate, scary, and nerve racking that is when your alone, forget about trying to do that with someone else in the room. When I told my girl that that was the first time they were ever together she was pleasantly surprised and masturbated to an orgasm, how lucky am I...Bada da da da, I’m luvin it.

Update 10/08/04
Hey everybody,
We will be throwing a Halloween party (boooooooo) in Atlantic City, NJ on October 30 (Saturday night). We will be having it at the Sheraton (of course) in AC, its the first hotel you get to when you enter AC. YOU MUST BE IN COSTUME, (I'm coming as a cop) SO ladies bring your fantasies, its time to have some fun and let it all hang out, cum join us......We would like this party to start out as a GIRL/GIRL party then end up with the fellas joining in, any takers?

Update 9/27/04
I know you guys must be wondering what happened to us, well over the last 3 weeks in attempt to broaden our horizons we’ve been scoping out new places to throw parties. We’ve been to Philly, Inner harbor (MD), and Atlantic City. Looks like we will be throwing parties in all these cities in the near future so stay tuned. Oh yeah don’t think we’ve been “good” during this time, we’ve left a lill suttin suttin in all those hotels, I know house keeping is mad at us LOL, and remember all parties are NO PRESSURE and FREE.

I knew Saturday night was gonna be special when earlier in the day my lady asked to go to the “toy store” to pick up some lingerie for her and party favors for the guest later that evening, while in the store I noticed she was eyeing a “Rabbit” hanging on the rack, needless to say she now has a new best friend and his name is “Peter”. We get to the hotel and I get into the shower and when I get out lets just say “Peter” was already in action. So if you have access to our network you’ll see “Peter” at work and the damage he left, as far as the party goes, I must say this was the BEST party we've ever thrown, it was the most sensual night of pleasure I've ever been involved in that included other couples. Four couples from AdultFriendFinder showed up, and we all got along and had great food, drink and conversation for about 2 hours or so at the bar, and then we went to the room and it was MAGIC from the start.
The ladies started it off, this included a sexy, and I mean SEXY ASS Hispanic woman, a beautiful black woman, and an absolutely stunning white woman, (felt like I was at the UN).
The ladies took part in a 3 some for the first 30 minutes or so and all the guys just "leaned back" and watched, then each woman went back to their respective partners and as we looked around we noticed all the couples were engaged in passionate kissing, hugging, and caressing seemed like we all were just affirming our love for each other, it was amazing. We want to thank “P&G” for coming back to another party and helping make all the other couples comfortable (they were the first couple we ever partied with), also we want to thank “C&D” for not only bringing some ALIZE and HYPNOTIQ but bringing some music too, I think the music help “set the mood” MAN this was a remarkable night, on a personal note I want to thank C&D for making one of my fantasies come true. I have been looking to be with a sexy Hispanic woman but it just never seemed to happen, so when C&D walked into the room my jaw almost hit the floor because “D” was so sexy, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would get to be with such a SEXY and I mean SEXY Hispanic women did I mention she was SEXY AS HELL (J-Lo, cant hold a candle to this lady) so C&D you made one of my biggest fantasies come true and I owe you BIG TIME!
“T&A” we want to thank you for coming to the party although you didn’t party, you’re always welcome to come back whenever you feel comfortable, can’t wait to see you guys in action, again this was one of the most sensual parties we’ve ever thrown and we can’t wait for the next one. OH YEAH, I Hope you liked your party favors

Due to a few GOOD COUPLES (that came to previous parties) asking for a party, we have decided to throw one this Saturday night 9/4/04 at the Sheraton in East Rutherford, NJ (across from Giant Stadium) exit 16w on the NJTP.
Everything is free as usual (food and drinks) we expect to have a great time as usual, if you can make it all we ask is that you email us and we'll send you our phone# (or send us yours) and the particulars.

Oh yeah, the last party 8/28/04, nothing special happened, but we met some HOT ASS COUPLES, and they cumming back (literally)..

Update 8/25/04,
Hey everybody my birthday is coming up and I'm looking to satisfy one of my biggest fantasies, and that is to be with a Hispanic, East Indian or Philippino woman (attached or single doesn't matter, hey this is AdultFriendFinder; -).
To further sweeten the deal I’m willing to take her to Vegas with me ALL INCLUSIVE (free) for my birthday weekend, September 17 to the 19th. All I ask is your height and weight proportional, great personality, full of energy and a positive nature, and of course DDF, because we will be fucking that weekend, I already have a suite booked at the Bellagio for the weekend, and all your expenses will be paid for, but times running out so hurry deal is only good until Sept. 7th (damn sound like a car commercial) LOL. OH YEAH, its just me and you no one else is coming....

Update 8/14/04
We're back and now it’s TIME FOR SUM, TIME FOR SUM ACTION. We are throwing a party next Saturday (8/21/04) night at the Sheraton in East Rutherford, NJ (across from Giant Stadium) exit 16w on the NJTP.
We expect to have a great time as usual, this week we are looking to "PARTY" if you know what I mean, We've already gotten 2 DEFINITES for the party so there is already 3 couples involved, and we are looking for allot more, because we know at least 1/2 wont show LOL, we've been here long enough to know that. So if you’re interested SERIOUSLY, let us know, as usual no pressure to perform, but we will be so you can watch. We are quite the exhibitionist and voyeurs and would luv to watch others as well.
SINGLE GUYS ARE WELCOME (I luv this part), TO MOW OUR LAWN, WALK OUR DOG, WASH OUR CAR, BUT NOT COME TO THE PARTY. (Hahahhaa, I kill me, I'll be here all the week, TRY THE VEA.

Update 8/4/04
What a difference a Video Intro makes, what more can I say "top billing" thats what we get, got it good, (just a little humor).

Update 8/1/04
At the request of quite a few couples here on AdultFriendFinder we threw a MEET N GREET last night, not to anyone’s surprise very few of those couples showed up, but that’s the signature of AdultFriendFinder "being stood up".
Last night 4 couples (self included) showed up, and we had drinks and great conversation and we met some really nice (hot) couples who all said they'd love to come back to party. So see if you missed last night, you probably missed a great opportunity to meet some very nice and interesting people without the pressure of any sexual interaction, (I thought that’s why you guys asked me to have a MEET n GREET).

Update 7/25/04
HEY GUYS JAMAICA WAS A BLAST!!!!! Now we are ready to get back into the SWING of it (no pun intended).
We are going to be throwing a MEET N GREET party on 7/31/04, in our "usual spot” in NORTH NJ and on 8/7/04 in SOUTH NJ (we get alot of South NJ request. Our parties are NO PRESSURE PARTIES, more like a MEET N GREET, in addition the food and drinks are free and only couples and females are invited, (it has been our experience that all the females have been bi or curious), NO SINGLE GUYS ARE INVITED.
We always start at the bar and everyone talks and get to know each other, there’s no rush to get the action started, again there's no pressure, and are parties are really successful.

Update 7/15/04
Hi everyone we are leaving for JAMAICA MON tomorrow morning , we will be back on 7/23/04. The weekend we get back, we are taking it easy and recovering from the vacation. We are going to be throwing a MEET N GREET party on 7/31/04, in our "usual spot” in NORTH NJ and on 8/7/04 in SOUTH NJ (we get alot of South NJ request). YOU MUST CONFIRM FOR THESE PARTIES, the sole purpose of the MEET N GREETS are for females (bi and straight), and couples on AdultFriendFinder to get to know each other WITHOUT PRESSURE sexual or otherwise ALL PARTIES ARE FREE (drinks too).
Don’t me wrong though, for those who want to play that night the option is open, a room will be reserved those nights, hey we gotta sleep after the party, and are not opposed to hosting that evening. If your interested leave a message with an outside email address or number so we can you on the list, if you've never been to one of our parties, YOU HAVEN'T PARTIED!!!

Update 7/13/04,
Your gonna luv this update, A single female here on AdultFriendFinder thought that we were a joke, lets refer to her as "M". She saw us online and asked if we would come over THAT NIGHT and let her suck me off. I thought she was kidding but she wasn't. She says she loves black guys and wants to try me out. So she IM me her number we talk and since she's local, she ask when can I get there and I said 30 minutes. Long story short, I get to her house and we talk for 2 hours, great conversation about the parties and AdultFriendFinder in general, then she ask "didn’t you come here to get your dick sucked" WOW!!! Is all I could think of, and I said "yes" and she and I disrobed and she tore me down to my very last compound, last words I remember hearing were DONT HOLD BACK, IM WANNA SWALLOW YOUR LOAD. Needless to say, she had protein shake that night, and I went home weak in the knees, like SWV…LOL.

Update 7/12/04
To everyone who came to the party Saturday night 7/10 to find out that the party was cancelled please accept my deapest apology. I take full responsibility although it wasn't my fault. Here how it all panned out, I sent invites to 10 couples on TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY of last week 7/6 and 7/7. I received 2 RESPONSES BY FRIDAY, one couple said,"IF we get back into town we may come" and the other emailed me back the "Sorry, we are busy this weekend”. My stance was and always has been “NO CONFIRMATIONS, NO PARTY”. So at that point I decided to go to Maryland Saturday morning to see a baseball game, the ball games over and I’m in my Hotel room and at 7:00 pm on(3 hours before the scheduled party time), I had 4 couples call me (within a 30 minute period) telling me they wanted to come to the party, believe it or not I started back up to NJ and before I got to the border of NJ, 3 of the four couples had decided they were no longer attending the party. I called the 4th couple and told them of the situation, and I felt bad about that because they had already started on their way, but "C" is a cool guy and understood.
Another couple and or female called me and said "we’re here, where's the party" which tells me they didn’t confirm that they were attending the party. Me being the man that I am, I felt bad about the fact they showed up and there was no party, and no one to greet them, but I explained to them what happened and hope they weren’t mad or upset, but if they didn’t confirm that they were coming I’m not really sure what to say…PEOPLE you must confirm ASAP when I send you an invite simply say yes or no. I always give my phone number toyou so CALL ME, we're nice people.... and after traveling from MD to NJ and back to MD, that night I wasn’t upset, yet I was concerned about the people who showed up and we weren’t there to meet and greet them, again please accept my apologies for any inconveniences I may have caused any of you guys, I know a lot from you travel from NYC to NJ to come to our parties, but when you have couples that waiver back and forth like that they can affect the outcome of the parties, again the key is to CONFIRM EARLY….Something told me not to throw a party between boston and Jamaica, but noooooooooooooooo LOL...

Update 7/8/04, The couple from my trip to Maryland on 6/27/04, just emailed me the pictures. I told you her pussy was wet, just look at the pictures. You'll see cum drippings on the bed (look closely at pics), and that all came from her pussy, seems everytime i was sticking my dick in her pussy the juice kept squirting out onto the bed, my nutts and onto her asshole, hope you guys like the pictures.

UPDATE 7/5/04, Went to Boston Sunday morning HOPING to finish with a relaxing weekend, "yeah rite" I get Boston and my girl was in rare form. We get to the hotel room and within 5 minutes it was on!!! She’s unclothed and has gotten me completely out of my clothes too. My girl decides she doesn’t want to do it the regular way, she wants to do it outside on the Balcony of the Hotel and we are on the 22nd floor. I must say Boston has some lovely views LOL, ANYWHO. She wants to act out a fantasy and get completely naked but I tell her we have to keep our tops on, so if anyone looks up its not so obvious. So we go outside and she leans over the railing I lube up I go in from the back. Now we're going at it for a while and then it comes out. On my way back in I guess I aimed too high and I stuck it in (well you know), and she said "go ahead" and took it like a trooper, after a few seconds I was in it GOOD! I tell you my girl is a 125lb stick of "DY-NO-MITE". So after a while of being on the balcony I pick her up "still connected" and we go back inside the hotel room, what more can I say but Boston thanks for the memories, people I cant make this stuff up, I keep it honest and real as I possibly can with you guys. We truly bought the 4th of July in with a BANG!! (No pun intended). Hey we are throwing a party this coming weekend on Saturday night, lets see who shows up and whose fakes us out again. Time to show and prove people, ITS HOTTER THAN JULY OUTSIDE!

UPDATE 6/27/04, Hosted another couple from AdultFriendFinder (from MD). They just wanted to hang out and have some fun and we did just that. Drove down to MD and rented a Hotel Room and met them for drinks at the bar and after a couple of hours the party began. He watched as his wife and I got intimate, this young lady had some of the best and wettest pussy I've ever had, and as she gave me head her pussy began to drip and leak a creamy white substance into my hand as I rubbed her clit, and after I saw that my dick got hard as Chinese arithmetic (no offense) WHAT A WOMAN WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK FOR MORE (because I was invited back). This is the last update for the next 2 weeks, will be going to Boston for the 4th of July and Jamaica the following weekend for a week of fun in the sun, MAN U GOTTA LUV AdultFriendFinder, are you still sitting on the sidelines, hhhhhmmmm I wonder why?

UPDATE!!!! 6/19/04, hosted a couple from AdultFriendFinder (from NYC). His fantasy was to see his girl with another guy. We submitted pictures and phone number they called and they accepted offer to host. Needless to say they had a wonderful time, the reason I know this is because in the middle of the sex act he asked her "what do you want him to do" her response was "CONTINUE", HELLO .... and now they want to attend our parties...So for all you females/couples who want this fantasy to come true (and believe me, I read your profiles so I know). So lets us make it happen for you so stop contemplating and deliberating it FOREVER and looking at pictures all day and do something about it.

UPDATE!!!! 6/5/2004, we had a party last night at a local hotel, and MAN was it off the RACK!!! 4 couples from AdultFriendFinder showed (had 3 no show's, but comes with the territory), one couple showed up and they weren't comfortable (that's probably because they came 3 hours late and didn't get to know anyone) so they left when the festivities started, WE WELCOME THAT (they were mature enough to show up and say "hey this is not for us". Also had calls from people enquiring about the party, WE WELCOME THAT TOO, but don’t say "I/WE will be" there and not show up, we actually make accommodations based on the amount of people coming to the party, we even will accommodate LAST MINUTE single females & couples, like last night. WOW its 8:00am and I haven’t been to sleep yet, BET YOU DIDNT PARTY LIKE THAT LAST NIGHT. WOOOOOOOO (no fakes here, we party baby)...

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5/12/2005 6:04 pm

can i get some head like that to

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