is it just me?  

rm_jiggie_body 42M
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6/29/2006 9:47 am
is it just me?

Before I say anything let me say, if you contact me, please be real, I love winks, I'll wink back adding me to hot list is great, but if you email me asking to "hook up" so to speak please be real and be realisitc, case and point...

1. Emailing me and when I respond you never write back.

2. Emailing me at 2:30pm and want to hookup at 5:00pm asking me at my expense to host at a location of your choosing, I need and deserve a little more time to prepare.

3.Emailing me on Friday night 10:30pm to hookup on Saturday again my expense and the location of your choosing (I'm not on AdultFriendFinder on the weekends), usually because I'm "hooking up" with people who took the time and PLANNED on meeting me that weekend.

Is it just me ?

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