Some Q&A  

rm_jessyb84 33M
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4/27/2006 10:32 am
Some Q&A

Why no face shots?

I'm still in school, living in a dorm, so I don't have the time to fully dress up or get any good shots. I want to look as feminine as possible for them.

So when will I get face shots?

Once I'm home from school. I plan to have a variety of shots of me fully dressed up; includs face shots.

Why no body shots?

I have some hair on my chest, and it was hard enough to find time to shave my legs, let alone chest and any other stray hairs.

So when will I get body shots?

Once I get back home, I'm going to a spa and getting waxed so I'm silky smooth all over. After that you'll get body shots.

What should I call you?

Call me Jessy, Jess, or Jesscia.

Can I have your phone number?

Once we talk for a bit, yes, but now, no. I'm still working on my voice too. You can talk to me on yahoo - my handel is jessyb84 - if you want a real time conversation.

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