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4/27/2006 4:51 pm

Can I get some face pics?

Not right now. I'm still in college, in the dorms, and have finals. I don't have the time right now to fully dress up.

When can I get face pics then?

Once I get home on May 22nd, I will have all the time and energy to dressing up. Face pics will follow soon after.

Can I get some body pics?

Living in the dorms, means that the showers are smilar to a gym, in that they offer no privacy. It is hard enough to find time to shave my legs, let alone any other hair I need to remove.

When can I get some body pics?

Again, once I get back home, I am going to a spa and getting a complete wax so I am silky smooth. After the waxing, I should be able to get you all some sexy pics. (On a releated note, I'd love a suggardaddy to pay for laser hair removal ).

Can I call you?

I'm not ready to talk to anyone just yet. I'm still working on a more feminine voice for myself. If you want to talk in real time, you can contact me on Yahoo IM client, aske me for handel.

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