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8/14/2006 5:02 pm

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I went to a graduation party dad
and I remembered what you'd said,
"People who drink and drive usually
end up dead".

You see I'm a good son and I do as I'm told
They wouldn't have got me to drink if
they'd promised to feel my hands with gold.

I've seen what alcohol can do, it leave so many in tears.
These things I've learned even though I'm only of few years.

Wisdom comes to those who seek and you have tought me well.
I'd never want to take someone else's life or maybe mine as well.

I love you father, mother, sis and brother too.
I'll never ever drink and drive, this promise I make to you.

Yes, I went to a graduation party mom and I remembered what dad said.
You see I've friends and love ones too and I don't want any of them dead.

Jesse June 1971

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