Contrite - but satisfied  

rm_jennyelectra 49F
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12/31/2005 3:31 am

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7/26/2009 5:03 pm

Contrite - but satisfied

Oh dear - I really should stay off this site when I've been drinking.

If I wound anyone up last night - sorry, I just get so horny sometimes.

Why is it so hard to get what you want? I was very ready for sex last night. There was a point, when all hubby had to do, was whisper in my ear and I'd have been running for home - ripping my clothes off as I went. But he wants to stay out a little longer, have another drink, relax some more.

With every drink, he relaxes more whereas with every drink, I need my clothes ripped off more - his libido goes down, mine keeps going up!

Is it any wonder I can get myself into trouble sometimes?

If we'd been at a party and not a restaurant, if there had been any other people around, I just know I'd have been looking for someone else to wind up sexually - and that's when things happen.

So, sorry if I wound anyone up here.

Ok, lots to do before tonight so I wont be checking in much today. We're having a New Years eve party! Is that a good or bad thing do you?think

rm_tattoo8654 45M
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12/31/2005 10:45 am

well if i had been out we would have made are way to a back room some where and........................................................

mailmantrouser2 55M
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12/31/2005 4:08 pm

If your party will be at home, at least you know where to go with someone if the mood strikes and your libido reached that high point again.

rm_LorenzoLee 56M

1/1/2006 2:53 am

When I wrote to you:

Of course, I smiled when I read your first sentence. It reminded me so much of a young child who has been introduced to something that she finds enjoyable; wants this something because it meets a specific need; yet feels like it's somehow a bad thing, so she says: Oh dear, I really need to stay off this site. lol.

You'll be back because the dialogue provides you with a type of release from what I described to you when I wrote to you.

Forgive my forwardness, but you really mustn't underestimate your readers. The same can be said about winding people up. Why are you sorry about it? That was your intended purpose. Now you seek the validation through this medium, right? Okay JennyElectra, lets establish this straight away. Yes, you're a beautiful women; albeit confused (Smile). You have the ability with your words and actions to excite people around you. Congratulations! I say enjoy this while your youthful beauty blooms; but, be aware that like every lilly in the field, the outward beauty will fade, and you'll then have to rely solely upon your inner beauty, and that won't be reflected if you haven't addressed those things that I mentioned when I wrote to you. Do consider the lilly in the field. Recurring beauty is possible, but you must ...

You mentioned that when you drink such and so happens, and when your husband drinks such and so happens. Now, the problem, if I follow, is that you and your husband have a problem that's fundamental to all couples. So, do you want to work the problem out or do you want to blame your husband for your play on sights like AdultFriendFinder and your extra-curricular activities? Umm, alleged extra-curricular activities (lol).

Again, forgive my forwardness, but it does seem like you're a poor communicator. I mean, consider this: how can a woman as fine as you not be able to get her husband to focus on her? How can she not share with her husband that she has a little freak in her? Men love to have a beautiful woman; both inwardly and outwardly. You're young, beautiful, and intelligence; seemingly the life of the party. Um, there is something you're not telling us the readers, and that's really not fair.

Okay, perhaps I don't understand the purpose of the blog, and so I should stay off it, but don't insult the readers intelligence. You would have been in a public place, restaurant and you would have wind people up. Yes, this is likely to be true, but why use someone for such a purpose? Granted, some folks wouldn't mine being used in such a manner, but triangulating is a ugly thing when it backfires and the someone you get going wants more and more. Why do you have a need to wind people up? Is it because you're sexually frustrated with husband? Then why is this? No, there's alot that's not being told here.


rm_jonnydepends 53M
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1/3/2006 6:29 am

Does anyone else feel that there is something a little sinister in lorenzolees words? I read them and some of what he says gives me the shivers. We all have issues you know, at least Jenny seems to be trying to work some of hers out.

It seems to me that jenny is not underestimating her readers but rather you are overestimating your input. And clearly there are things she's not telling us, I for one look forward to her future posts.

And yes, Jenny was trying to wind people up. She is an obvious flirt. All she was doing the previous night was flirting on line. I see this as perfectly normal behaviour.

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