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2/26/2006 10:58 am

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No Single Men...

Why is it when you clearly have "No Single Men Need Apply" in your profile, daily you get contacted by single men. and not only do these single men contact us, but they don't even send pictures of their faces, it's just close up shots of their cocks...I mean I am a 33 year old woman... I have been married for years, and I have been sexually active since the age of 13...Hello! I know what a cock looks like! The question is, do they know what to do with it? Just because it's big and impressive looking doesn't mean they can work it. I have been with a man before that had a fairly huge one that couldn't do jack with it... It was a waste. I have also been with men that weren't that big but could make you feel like they were massive with what they knew how to do.
My husband on the other hand has both length and skill, his girth is average, but with his skill and stamina, you'd never miss the lack of girth.

In high school the boys that did all the talking were the ones that usually never got none. That's how I usually feel about the guys that blast me in the face with close up shots of their dicks when I open a e-mail...the "Mr. Big Talks" from high school. Know What I Mean?

Does anyone else get annoyed by this?

We delete at least 5 to 10 e-mails every time we sign on (at least 2 to three times a day), from single men. It gets really old after a while. Sometimes it's from repeat customers, like , "gee, maybe they didn't get my e-mail the first three times I sent it, I should send it again", (rolls eyes). Gee guys, lets get a clue here, hello?

Am I just being bitchy here?
My husband and I just have no desire for single men.
We are looking for couples, or maybe a select bi-female or two. We are not even sure about the single bi-female yet or not. As of now, we are only secure and comfortable with other married couples. That's our preference, and what's in our marriage comfort zone. I think that when someone reads the profile they should respect that. It's fine that they look at the pictures. I am flattered they find me attractive, my husband has no problem with the fact they view and e-mail commenting such, we have had a couple do just that... but, it's the ones that comment and try to make contact ignoring what our profile blatantly states that gets old and is annoying. It's just a lack of respect.

So, guys, "No Single Men" means exactly that. You are not the exception.
So, just because you may have a *Penis* and a really expensive digital camera that takes really good close ups. And you are bored, lonely, frustrated and have watched 15 hours of nonstop Spice TV, doesn't mean you are allowed to disregard the guidelines and boundaries that are outlined in someone's profile.
If this strikes a nerve or has made you squirm or has pissed you off...
Guess what !!!!
This was written just for you.
So get a grip and grab tissue and re-do your profile to include a face shot and have a nice day.

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