trying ways and means...  

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2/26/2006 9:55 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

trying ways and means...

right now, im trying ways and means to contact her... since im a standard member, i have to resort to doing all the possible actions to gain points to redeem credits to view and contact a member (10 credits per contact). lol, desperate? yes i am, just for her.

anyway, continuing from the two timing/multi-timing topic, since no one starts the ball rolling, i shall share mine. i started dating when i was 16, ya ya, thats quite late for me to start for my generation, but i did make it a big hoo-ha, perhaps my curiosity, hunger was kept for a long time, i craved for more, even tho i had a gal at that moment, soon, i found myself involved in a pentagonal relationship, yea, dam bastard, but i dun understand y, at that moment, just too many temptations arnd me and i am someone who obviously haven learn the art of saying no. so there i go, juggling with multiple dates, soon, i found myself worn out, so gave up 4 for 1, but latta it seems to me that i made a wrng choice, and soon, i was back to my old ways, flirting with her fren, who was kinda down after having a tiff with her bf, manage to persuade her out of that messed up relationship and start a discreet one hiding from the present gal. it didnt take long before the gal found out, so the two gals fell out, felt relli bad, so left both of them... i wonder why, gals sometimes have a rather accurate intuition, which is the sparks to the discovery of my infidelity. from then now, didnt let myself into anymore multiple dates but just stuck to one, tho there were still some temptations here and there, but managed to curb my desires before things get too far for comfort...

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