What more could there be?  

rm_jeffrey69x2 53M
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4/2/2006 6:49 pm
What more could there be?

I am sitting here this evening thinking about the joy of eating a woman. The way the juices slowly drain down my chin. The scent drifting up to my nostrils. The feel of a clit being sucked between my lips....oh, I digress....Yes, what more could there be that is as pleasing or satisfying as eating a woman? Well, I haven't found the answer to that question yet. I believe that part of my enjoyment of this act cums from the response of my partner, the more she is enjoying it the better it is. If she is moaning, breathing hard, gyrating her hips, running her hands along her lips, then I am doing it right and giving her pleasure. This is when the pleasure for me is greatest, and I hope it is for her too. Well, I should go now, all this talk about eating pussy is getting me horny again.

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