I need women's views on this...  

rm_jcmoguy35 48M
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3/2/2005 8:57 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I need women's views on this...

Here's an odd question: Does it have any impact, positively or negatively, when a guy posts a pic of his cock?

I mean, I could certainly take such a photo, and post it, but I wonder if women look at those pics and say " Good God, Ive got to get to know him!", or if its more like "Holy crap, not another picture of some guy's unit...". I recognize that most guys lie about cock size, just as most women lie about their weight...it isnt right or wrong, its just reality. With that being said, and recognizing that size DOES matter, to a point, isnt it just enough for me to say Im big and wide down there, and leave a little something to the imagination? Please, ladies, let me know. If its cock pics you want, Ill oblige...if not, well, then thats one less bizarre photo for someone to find on the server.

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