The Best of Friends  

rm_jazzzsong 51M
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6/3/2006 12:30 pm
The Best of Friends

Two of my biggest loves in my life are my music and the words I write. Unfortunately, I can't post my music on here (but will gladfully share with anyone who asks), but I can post a couple of poems I wrote.

Let's start with a happy one, written for a good friend who helped me through one tough year.

You are like the comforting shade of an oak on a hot summer's day
Shadow's tender obsidian cradle from the sun
A cool breeze blowing quietly through
Sweet silence amidst the den of unbearable noise

Hugs of blinding eye-opening light
Touching the underneath skin of the heart
Down to the depths of compassion's den
Fueling the white fires of the soul's path

Resolute mind voice raising sometimes sagging spirits
Gentle invisible arms guiding me on journeys unknown
A spirit guide always offering her sage wisdom to me
Laying Destiny's path clear for me to see

Paths breaching immeasurable distances to meet
Crossing infinite bounds uniting for each other
Carving steadfast resolution in time's stone
Friends forever shall we be

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