People Sometimes are Such Morons  

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6/3/2006 12:41 pm
People Sometimes are Such Morons

Those of you who already know me are aware that I am pretty limited in what I can eat due to a lot of food allergies. Have been that way for almost twenty years of my life, so I have gotten used to it. Everyone has some type of handicap, and that just happens to be mine in the cards life dealt me.

What I can't understand is why people treat not being able to eat a lot of varied foods differently from handicaps others might have?

Let me give you an example from work so you can understand my confusion better.

About two months ago, my "manager" (and I use quotes to indicate my sarcasm because this guy has no business managing anything) decides to have an after work meeting at a pizza place. Why we can't have this meeting at work, I don't know.

Well, pizza is one of the things I can't eat, but what the heck, at least I can drink a Diet Coke. Sooooooo, for one hour and thirty minutes of the two hour meeting, people are eating pizza, drinking beer and wine, and I am sitting there just nursing my Diet Coke.

Every five minutes I get this question:

"C'mon....just try the pizza; are you sure it will make you sick?"

Well, yes, "Duh!!!", I think. Every time I have tried pizza, I have gotten sick. If you burn your hand on the stove, and you keep putting it back, will it continue to hurt?

I explain my situation, and how I can't eat the food there.

Five minutes later, someone else asks me again.


I explain again...and again..and again.

I keep my composure, but inside, I am getting really frackin' annoyed.

Finally, one of my co-workers says, "If I was as limited in what I could eat as you are, well, I would just have to kill myself!!!"

Double sheesh!!

It amazes me at the dumbassness inherent in so many people.

If I was in a wheelchair, and I was attending a marathon, would you ask me why I just didn't get out of the chair and join the race?

If I was blind, would you ask me why I just don't go to Barnes and Noble and pick any book off the shelf and read?

I sincerely hope most folks wouldn't do that.

Being limited in what I can eat is my handicap. Why then do people feel they can ask the unmentionable questions?

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