A Rant on Cell Phones  

rm_jazzzsong 51M
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6/3/2006 12:34 pm
A Rant on Cell Phones

We interrupt this blog for a special rant!

Cell Phones

Why oh why do so many people feel the need to talk on their cell phone everywhere they go? My god, I bet some day in the future, evolution will have given people a third arm to hold whatever is the cell phone equivalent.

And what's up with those Borg-looking earpiece things people wear that make them look like an insane homeless person talking to themselves? The first time I ever encountered one of those, I thought the guy was talking to himself.

Don't get me started on the sheer lack of consideration people have when talking on cells in public.

Do I really need to hear about Aunt Betty's emergency hysterectomy? Do I need to hear how Sally Sue got plastered on Saturday night, woke up next to a strange guy, and had a five dollar bill taped to her butt?

And please people, when you go to the store, make a freakin' list!

If I hear another person call their significant other and ask something like "do you want whole grain or white bread?", I am gonna blow.

Phew! Feel much better now. Now back to my regularly scheduled blog!

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