The Librarian  

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5/12/2006 7:10 am
The Librarian

This is for my friends in Indiana PA who work and play at library's accross the state. Hope you enjoy.

I strolled into the library, horny, agitatated, and looking for trouble. I had managed to pick up a few people for sex here before, and after having been fired from my job today, needed some excitement to releive some tension.
As I walked thru the doors, a young girl of about 17 or 18 stood up and smiled at me from behind the desk at the front of the room. Ignoring her, I sauntered into the main lobby on the first floor. Spotting a woman of about 40, with huge breasts and a look of pure concentration, I smiled and headed over her way. Strolling past I bumped the chair in front of her and made eye contact as she looked up. Making a deliberate show of it I gawked at the cleavage showing over the top of her blouse. "damn girl, nice tits." She blushed blood red and immediately looked away. Laughing loudly , leaned accross the table and stared down the front of her blouse. She got up from the table, gathered her things and left, muttering "asshole" as she went.
I laughed some more and strolled on around the room. There was a girl and her mother sitting at a table reading. Mom did not look at all to be my type. The girl looked at me and smiled. I looked at her legs showing under the table and noticed she was wearing a skirt, as I looked she deliberately spread her legs and showed me a glimpse of white panties. I looked up and smiled at her, but walked on. Sweet but "16 will get you 20", and I dont mess with kids.
I walked into the Medical/Legal reference room and was rewarded with a room about half full of college students studying and talking in singles and in groups. Yum, time to get some action going.
Zooming in on two gals with thier heads together over a book, I sat down two chairs away and stared at them. They noticed me, smiled and went back to their book. I moved a bit closer and said hey. They both looked up. "want to leave the books and party for a bit?" The older of the two, frowned at me and gave a quick "shhhh". They returned to studying and I moved on. Going to another table with 2 girls and a guy sitting there talking I made the same approach. This time they were not so nice. "Fuck off asshole, we are cramming for finals." I looked at the young blond and said "I'd love to cram something in you". The guy stood up and acted like he was ready to rumble. I laughed loudly and moved on.About twenty minuits of looking and some come ons got me nowhere. I headed out to another section. Maybe they would be more social in SciFi.
As I moved thru the doorway and into the main lobby I felt a very firm hand come down on my shoulder. I turned to stare into the most beatiful and commanding eyes I had ever seen.
"Young man come with me". She had the perfect body, and a name tag hanging on her shirt that said, "head librarian, Ms. Diane". She took my arm and leaned toward me, "Is that beer i smell on your breath?" I just nodded wordlessly, as she led me up the stairs, down a long hall and thru a door that said "Superintendent". A tall man sitting behind the desk looked up and said "whats the problem Diane?" She pushed me into a chair and said, "This one has been making a fuss down stairs, several people complained that he was making filthy comments and being very loud. One girl said he smelled like a brewery". The man stood up and came around the table. Leaning down over me he sniffed, grabbed my chin and jerked my face to look at my eyes. "Are you drunk boy? Public intoxication, and disorderly conduct are taken pretty serious here." He walked over to his chair, sat down and said, " Well, Diane, lets call the cops and have this bitch arrested." My heart jumped in my chest and I immediately stammered "No". I begged them to not call the cops, telling them I had already been into trouble and had just lost my job. They exchanged a look between them, and then he looked at me sternly. "This kind of behavior can not be tollerated," with that he opened his desk drawer and pulled out a belt, laying it on the table he stood up, looked at me and then at Ms. Diane. "Its the belt, or the cops, your choice." I sat there in silence, not knowing what to do. He came over and stood me up, "remove your clothes and bend over that desk, or, you can sit back down and I will call the cops, choose, NOW."
I had been spanked before and it had not been that bad, had even enjoyed it, but this guy was something different. I was scared. I looked at him and then at Ms. Diane. As he moved around the desk and picked up the phone I mumbled wait, and began taking my pants off.
Totally naked,I looked at him and tried to hide my humilliation. Ms. Diane came over and turned me around bending me over the chair. She instructed me to hold onto the arms of the chair and not to let go. She then nodded at the man and he brought the belt over to me and said that I was not to remove my hands from the chair until ordered. He brought the belt down on my ass with a quick flick of his wrist and I yelped as I realized he was an expert at this. Ten lashes across my ass, quick and hard, I didn't even ave time to catch my breath between blows. I had tears in my eyes and was embarassed as hell. He handed the belt to Ms Diane and stepped in front of me. She stepped behind me and slashed the belt over my ass. I yelled out. The pain was intense and I heard them both laugh. She continued whipping my ass, I lost count as she lashed me some hard some soft, my knees grew week and my whole body trembled. Realizing that I was crying like a baby. Suddenly it stopped, I opened my eyes to find him standing in front of me with no clothes on. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock of about 8 inches toward my face. "Suck it bitch, Suck it now or she will use the belt again." I immediately opened my mouth. He began pumping his huge cock in and out of my mouth, groaning and laughing at the same time. I felf cold hands on my hot ass and realized Ms. Diane was rubbing lotion on my ass. "He's ready," she said. He stepped away from me and she walked around in front of me. Lifting one leg to the arm of the chair she started playing with her pussy. Sticking her fingers in and out of it and rubbing her clit. I felt hands on my ass and realized that he was about to me. I tried to move to the side, strong hands grabbed my waist and help me still. One hard smack on the ass convinced me to stop moving. He slid his cock up and down over my ass crack and then pulled back and I felt the head of his cock line up on my ass hole. I looked up at her with pleading eyes and she just laughed. "Do it, Do it hard and deep" She kept muttering those words over and over as she masterbated. He suddenly lunged forward thrusting all the way into me at one shot.I felt like I was being ripped apart. He immediately started deep stroking in and out of my ass, spanking my cheeks with each thrust. I could hear him panting and groaning as he rocked my whole body with his thrusts. For what seemed an eternity he thrust in and out of me, my body and mind going thru to many whirling emotions to count. Suddenly I felt a strange feeling between my legs, it intensified and the whole world went black as I realized I was cumming. The harder he pushed the more intense my orgasm became. Suddenly he burried his cock deep and held my hips against him. It felt like lave pouring nto my ass. My legs crumbled and I would have fallen had he not held me up. Ms. Diane screamed out in pleasure and sagged down to the floor infront of me. Steppeing away from me they moved toward the back of the office. "Get your clothes on and get out of here."
They stepped thru a door into a bathroom and shut the door.
I slowly got my thoughts together and got dressed. As I walked out the door of the office, down the steps and out of the library, I felt like a new person. Something new had been done to me and I would never be the same. I looked forward to my next trip to the library.
Ohhhh yeaaaa.

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