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8/30/2006 6:31 am

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Word To The Wise


We need to remind ourselves about the site on which we have chosen to become members - you know; where we can immortalize ourselves. Some of us tell the truth and others don't - regardless that's the individual's prerogative.

Men, I'm interested in your merchandise although I won't sample a lot of you, but the "few" who make my acquaintance {by invitation only} will be a part of a most erotic and blissful fantasy that will not be shared with anyone else. I have many.

Mother Nature never intended for her females to be with just one male or her males just one female. How many Lions take over a pride only to be ousted by a bigger, more powerful Lion, sometimes two. Yet, the Lionesses remain having different lovers over and over. My beaufiful men, why do you think you share the Stallion's need to have a harem of females that you wait on until they go in heat. Once the heat is over, it's on to the next.

Ladies, think about the dolphin female. She mates with as many male dolphins as possible to ensure that all of the males take care of her young (because they don't know "who's the daddy". And what of the Black Widow Spider - once she mates she eats him! {I think it's to make sure he doesn't go ballistic with jealousy}.

Multiple men, multiple orgasms. That's just natural - manogamy is not.

Yet again, I caution you (all readers) that this site is not about happy ever after; please remember those sites exist [Can we say Match or eHarmony?] No, AdultFriendFinders is about prime satisfaction right now. This is not to say that you will not find the "right" one on this site, people are here for all kinds of reasons. But, most likely if you're for real he/she is not ....so don't sweat it. If you both want something deeper - then bless you children - but make sure it's mutual and not only your desire. HOWEVER, if it's over - let it be over whether it was your call or not. To paraphrase a blast from the past - "LET'S JUST KISS AND SAY GOOD-BYE".

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