Mindless Mutterings  

rm_jaydub226922 47M
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7/2/2006 9:48 am
Mindless Mutterings

So I'm back in Denver from Phoenix for a few days before I go back for another couple weeks of hot and steamy fun. I only wish I meant hot and steamy in the way you think I mean, instead of the way I really mean. Daily average temperatures of 102-105 with higher than expected humidity is just downright unfun. People there act like it's no big deal - but thats because they run from their AC cars to the AC buildings, avoiding the sun like a vampire. I've tried to get my runs in but its 90 when I wake up at 5am and 100+ when I get off work - so Ive just waded into the 80+ degree hotel pool and called it good. I'm gonna lose my last 3 months of 'fitness progress' while Im working on this project and it's tough to take - but I'll get it back soon - I hope.

I did see Luke Walton and Richard Jefferson (NBA players) at the Phoenix airport on the way back and talked to them for a few minutes before my flight left so I guess the trip wasn't all bad. Wonder who I'll see during the next 2 weeks...

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