The Art of Having Curves  

rm_jayapooja 36F
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8/12/2005 9:32 am

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The Art of Having Curves

Okay I havent added anything to my blog here in some time but today I was reading through some profiles and well... I was amused so I thought I'd share with my friends and other blog readers.

I am a bit lost in thought right now tryign to picture how a woman who is 5'4, and weighs 115 lbs can regard herself as curvy. Hmmm.... thats an interesting pairing. Anytime I see that a girl weighs under 130, almost regardless of height, I think of her as waifish and far too breakable.

There is something a bit gross about a woman who has her legs spread and all you see are her hip bones protruding because she hasnt enjoyed life's finest treats... chocolate cake, pizza, and Cheetos.

Curves are definately related to teh frame of your body. When I think of curves, I think of the voluptous miss Betty Paige who had the worlds nicest heart shaped ass that should have defined for a much longer time what a real woman should look like. Curves to me also implies that you have breasts. Half of a peach that has been glues via mother nature to your chest arent quite breasts. (Push up bras dont count for shit when youre in the bedroom)

I can reflect back to college talkign to a male friend of mine. He had this gorgeous date to a formal affair. IN her dress with all her make up on, she was indeed stunning! Though his reflections the mornign after abotu seeign her naked the next morning was like... what did this chicken bird leg thing do with my hot chic?

In the end.... the point is simple... to have curves, you have to have soem meat on your bones. You need to have breasts, you need to have a waitline that is smaller than your bustline and you need to have hips that are proportinate to your breasts!

If your ass is flat and you wear padded panties to fill out your jeans..... you are NOT curvy. You are skinny. Lots of people like the skinny ones... bne happy with being skinny and leave the curves to the gals who were born with them.

andy_in_alex_va 41M
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8/12/2005 8:57 pm

Jaya, I'd have to agree totally with you. When that woman takes off the padded bra, you totally feel like you fell for the bait and switch.

marillion1 47M

10/24/2010 4:56 pm

A woman with curves is the sexiest of all. There is simply nothing like passion with a curvy lady! MMMMMMMMM!

GrindingPedro 44M

10/15/2011 3:44 pm

Real men Love Curves Very cool blog

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