Just wondering why....  

rm_jax7x5 60M
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5/23/2006 10:03 am

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4/23/2008 12:05 am

Just wondering why....

I have often watched someone broadcasting their cam here on AdultFriendFinder and it turns out to be a couple, as an example...or at least so it says in the listing...but all I see is a cock being stroked.

And that is fine with me..As I have one to stroke and like stroking someone elses cock as well.

But here is my 'Just wondering why'...

when I look at the couples profile it says Bi-women only wanted...Ok thats fine..I can deal with that..I like them too...and the profile goes on to say how straight the guys is and how bi-sexual the woman is and all the while the man is trying to intice other women into their camp by watchin him stroke his cock.....Hummmm seems to me like it would be just the opposite...the womand of the couple should be trolling for other women not the man..but what do I know anyway...Grin!

And you look back at the listing of whose broadcasting and this same couple has only 8 people watching and one of them is ME!
I know the guy knows IM watching....and he is straight! NOT BI, NOT GAY..but STR8! Or is he?

Do some of these STR8 males really want to hold a cock in their hands and feel it....see if it feels the same as theirs? Have they tasted their own cum? Someone elses...direct from the spout or from a nice pussy? Hummmmmmmm

I bet that half of them are really closet Bi-sexuals...and that their wifes would like to see them stroke another mans cock and even suck on it.
At least once anyway...
But the Macho ego we men have keep some of us from admitting that we might even entertain the idea of holding another mans cock. let alone sucking on it..makeing it squirt hot flowing cum.

For me its all about the squirt...I just love holding a cock in my hands and sucking it, licking it and making it squirt...then cleaning up afterwards... to feel that power i have over another person when I have their cock in my grasp is fantastic..and to know that what Im doing gives them the ultimate pleasure release is my goal...I love it!

So what do you think goes thru out heads...and Im talking about the one that is spposed to house our brain....the one on our shoulders NOT the one that only has one eye! I know what goes thru that one!!!!


rm_justgoodfff 64M/57F
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5/23/2006 11:02 am

Can,t agree with you more Took us 20 years of married life to admit that we would love to have sex with the same sex and what a fucking revelation!! Had us going at 200mph.

rm_jax7x5 60M
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5/25/2006 4:21 pm

Finally!! someone who admits they enjoy the same sex..SEX!!

And its GREAT!!

And Fucking Fantastic if there is a woman involved as well.
The best of both worlds!


frontseatlovers 70M/71F

7/15/2006 7:03 am


_pinkie_ 56F
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9/29/2006 9:06 am

This post absolutely turned me ON!

That feeling you describe... having the power to make someone feel so incredible that they cum.... is the very feeling that made me love being with women.

herveryown 58M

9/29/2006 12:09 pm

Hmmmmmmmmmm.............I love being with women. LOVE it! They are an oral delight that I could consume forever.


The reason I'm now here is because; although I could eat and fuck pussies until I die of exhaustion, and suck nipples until my skull caves in; I am now intensely curious as to the feeling of sharing some fun between guys.

Now, honestly. I never done the urinal pecker peek thing at all. Something about the idea of being round housed with my cock in my hands prevents me from even chancing the peek. Eyes straight adead, look at your reflection in the chrome, read the grafitti in the grout...no peeking at pee-pees.

There might come the time that I actually may glance at somebody's tool, but I really would rather not be caught doing so unless it's pretty well guaranteed that I'm not going to be attacked for it.

Maybe I'll rent a limo and peek at yours, while you peek at mine. LOL

rm_jax7x5 60M
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9/30/2006 1:08 am

Rent my limo and just LOOK!!! I don't think SO!!

Better do more than look..cuz I would certainly do more to yours.
Better yet maybe would could do each others in the back while some videos are running on the VCR...


hotfun4unsdttm 64M
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10/3/2006 12:21 am

my feelings are whatever turns you on. I love the feeling of a mans cock in my hand in my mouth in my a__. I seem to play with alot of "straight" men and let me tell you they can give a mean bj!! Bring it on baby!! CM

bcvegas4u2 70M
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11/18/2006 9:48 pm

In the couple of years I've been on this site, I've recieved dozens of e-mails from guys interested in having sex with me. When I checked their profile they listed their preference as straight not bi. Some had no mention of any interest in men although some did list men in interests. If you browse profiles you will find the same thing; guys saying they are interested in men, women, ect..... but straight is listed as preference.
There are some(both male & female)that are afraid to say they are anything but straight, even when they list the same sex as interest. Afraid to be different or not 'normal'...what ever that is.
I know I'm bi because I know I love partners of both sexes. And although I don't advertise it to the whole world, I'm not afraid to advertise it here at least. So much for being liberated sexually & coming out of the closet. Some of us won't even admit thay have a closet.

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