What I Have Learned From AFF ... (Part IV)  

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4/14/2006 9:58 am

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What I Have Learned From AFF ... (Part IV)

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After the ambivalent Mr. American, I met up with an encumbered Englishman. But since I no longer chatted on MSN, I didn't know he was encumbered until after we had met ... right in his apartment.

To be honest - and I am quoting myself from an email to Hottie#1 - I don't really care about what the others do behind (or even in front of) their spouses. Life is a flux. The meaning of sexuality changes constantly. But there is a Chinese saying that goes, "If you don't want a particular thing to happen to you" - in this case, infidelity - "you shouldn't do that thing to the others in the first place."

In jasmine_girl's ideal world of eternal love (and naivity), her husband will always be faithful to her. She doesn't meet up with married men because she doesn't want to be haunted by her experience 20 years later, biting her nails, stamping her foot, thinking her husband must be cheating on her.

It was definitely surreal. With Depeche Mode playing on the stereo, I came out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, while my hot and hard Englishman was waiting in the bed, wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. I was going to reach straight for his cock when he said, "Let's chat." He started telling me his story of "Boy meets girl. Boy gets hitched with girl in Las Vegas. Now boy wants out." Then I had these weird flashbacks of the moments when I entered his apartment: the pink flip-flops by the doormat, the girly shopping bag on the dining table, and a photo of a gorgeous-looking woman on the bookshelf ...

He said he picked me because I have the right looks, attitudes and intelligence. He called me a rarity on the site. Mind you, I was still very cynical because of Mr. American, so I wasn't overtly talkative. All I could think of was the mind-blowing sex I was going to have with this tres sexy Englishman. I went down on him before everything. After a few minutes, he asked me to stop. He pulled me up, and said, "Kiss me." He wanted to know how I kissed because "If the lips don't fit, the bodies won't either."

He pulled me up indeed, and I was a happy girl again.

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