What I Have Learned From AFF ... (Part III)  

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4/14/2006 6:28 am

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What I Have Learned From AFF ... (Part III)

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I changed my profile in November after I had met this "ambivalent" American. I said "ambivalent" because uptil now, I still don't know the truth, and I'd much prefer believing in the good of human nature, rather than the bad.

Mr. American has lived in Hong Kong for more than seven years. He is in his early thirties, a very typical IT guy, intelligent, geeky, used to be bi-polar, and adores long-haired Chinese girls. Above all, he writes excellent confessional poetry. He didn't seem to be the kind of guy who just wants an easy fuck, but he did have an ex-girlfriend who was still living with him. He said she couldn't find a place yet and he didn't want to be a jerk and kick her out. Fair enough. None of my business anyway.

After our first romantic date, we chatted online again. He said he really liked me. He hoped I could give him some time to clear the mess between him and his ex-girlfriend. He even decided to move to stay with his friend in Ap Lei Chau right away, leaving her the apartment. He told me all these future plans, and said hopefully we could start dating in a less complicated situation.

I thought that was it, that I was going to quit AdultFriendFinder for good. Then we stopped communicating. He said his life was too complicated and he couldn't do anything about it. He refused to elaborate so I let go. I wished him luck. I said goodbye. Then a few weeks later, I was at my gay friend's place. We had just set up a couple profile because my friend really wanted to see me getting off with a hot straight guy. He showed me the responses we got, and one of them happened to be Mr. American, resurrected with a different handle and a fake body photo.

My first reaction was, "Thank God I didn't sleep with him", though only because I was having my period that day, not because I was able to spot the liar in him. I can see why some men sleep around behind their spouse, but what I don't see is the things they fabricate in order to ... what? I really didn't know what he wanted from me because I would sleep with him anyway. He might have lost interest, which is fine. I just wish he had the balls to tell me the truth.

In October, I was disappointed with the sex. I might not want to see the nine guys again, but at least they were nice and friendly.

In November, I was just downright disppointed. From then on, I had a very daring "fuck first, chat later" profile, which I regret for not saving because I had a few good lines on it. I knew that, in a way, I was being reactionary because of Mr. American. People started saying in the chat room that I was too agressive to ask for face and cock photos right away. I didn't even bother to spend time chatting on MSN. However, I received even more emails each day. My profile was viewed 10,000 times.

But you know what? I only met up with two more guys that month, both English, and I had such great chats with them after our even greater fucks.

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