Third Person Singular  

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3/10/2006 10:14 am

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Third Person Singular

I read a very touching blog this morning, written by Hottie#1. I could hardly concentrate on work after that - I'm such a sucker for romance and unrequited love that I hate myself for it! He has already removed it though. I guess the intensity of its content doesn't really go with the flow of the album and has to be released instead as a limited edition b-side.

But I like the messiness of thoughts when guys just write whatever that comes to their mind, like a child gasping for air. It's the stream of consciousness. It's verbal merde. It's adorable.

I wish someone had written about me like that, in the third person "she", my appearance, the way I walk, the way I sulk, the way I twist and turn and kick away blanket in bed. Not just in his emails or diary but a good story with a lesson to learn.

I want him ...

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