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3/27/2006 7:43 pm

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Rise Above It

Mood: Pre-menstrual Angst

I just thanked God for men like lagano and garp390 on AdultFriendFinder.

I should never care about what the others say, especially those who don't respect people. What I care is the well-being of the site. I understand that in every community, no matter what size, there will always be a few party-bloopers who just can’t stand the fact that you are having fun. I know I am not the only one who has been picked on, but sometimes I do wonder "Why me?"

Have you been verbally abused in the chat rooms/messages before? If you do, here's a question for you: how much merde do you tolerate before enough is enough? Is "rising above it" the solution?

Fellow members GEGE693210 have been inexplicably rude to me in the chat room a few times. Ever since I said "no", they changed from "Love your attitudes, Jaz" to "You have an attitude problem, Jaz". Today, they even said ‒ ahem ‒ I’m too aggressive to be a woman. And therefore I must be something else: "If Jasmine is a girl, I am 15 years old."

GEGE693210 (C) She can add "_girl" to her nick,no one gets deceved
GEGE693210 (C) Too agressive for a woman Joker ,this yu cant fake

On the other hand, SassyTuna2 enjoys calling me "jasmine_boy" and thinks she is hilarious. There is one which I successfully removed though. The handle is sexy_asian_liu. But of course, he or she can easily come back as sexy_asian_liu2, sexy_asian_liu3, sexy_asian_liu4 ...

I am very upfront in the chat rooms because that's how I am. I always ask for photos first. I don't want to be your fantasy and keep repeating "Yes, please!"

I understand how some standard members cannot view profiles. I politely refer them to my blog so they have an idea of what kind of person I am, what I like and what I don't. They even get to see plenty of photos. If they are interested, I give them my email address so they can send some (fake) photos back. It's all very mundane administrative work, which I have been avoiding all my life! I would much rather spend the time writing poetry.

I cannot believe I got told off for being aggressive. I use the words "cock" and "cunt" a lot online and in real life. I use them as a matter of fact, to refer to the various parts of our anatomy. I don't use them to insult people.

The worst thing is my friends and I have been called "hookers" in the chat room. doubletrouble_hk has been asked for a price to play outside Hong Kong. I don't understand the hostility against women on the site, the Hong Kong bit at least. It's tragic.

No matter what sex you are, please stop perpetuating all forms of violence/attacks.

1charlieusa 49M  

4/10/2006 5:56 pm

Jasmine... stay just the way you are. I like your style. But I can understand why you get upset. You use the chat rooms to actually meet people, so you are serious. You talk the talk and do the .......walk? lol I only use the chat rooms for fun. I never plan to meet anyone from a chat room. Just my personal preference. So I can laugh off the chat room abuse (everyone gets it). Don't let the few "retards" ruin your day. I'm a retard every now and then, but it's only cuz I'm a guy, and we were born that way kiss! ... Charlie

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