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YONKS ago I wrote a short story called "Pillow" for a literary website. It's actually made up of two episodes, "Pill" and "Low". Here's the "foreplay" exerpt from "Low":

He gives excellent head. Wherever they are, whatever they do, he makes sure she gets a good view ‒ the buildings along the waterfront, mirror blades reflecting in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. The rainbow illuminations shoot upwards and spread, blending perfectly with the twinkling in the sky. The sea is folds of silk being unrolled by a talented dressmaker, soft ripples pushing forward.

Every woman loves a clich├ęd sex scene.

She looks across to the end of the pier. The ferries are parked against each other like coffins displayed in a shop. Floating coffins. She has read about those before. Some of the lights are still on for the sake of beauty, for those living on the other side of Hong Kong. It must be at least five in the morning. She can’t tell whether there are still people working, cleaning up and watching them have sex, or whether the moving shadows are illusions caused by the sparkling sea.

Her arms are frail supporting herself on the handrail, moist and slippery from the splashes. She braves to let go, her legs resting on his shoulder. She floats like one of the parked vehicles, her skin shines in humid air. She blinks to wetness, as her contacts are dry.

"Please stop." Perhaps that means more. She looks down between her thighs, where his head has been chopped. "Please stop for a minute."

He looks up, but decides he isn’t going to. Definitely not now. For one moment he is afraid her movements are going to break his nose. For the next, he sees her frown, as if in pain, and changes to use his thumb, throbbing hard, making inside a mould of his fingerprint, straight through her heart. He the scientist is using her body to illustrate Newton’s first law of motion. Frictionless. The eternal.

"If I can experience what you experience, I wouldn't want to be a man. ... Orgasms are good luck," he has said. "The more the better. The more the beautiful. You are very beautiful"

Her feet relax and reach the fluid, mossy ground. She steps on bubbles. Her vagina continues to pulsate.


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