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3/15/2006 10:00 pm

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Pants On Fire

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I understand why some men have a female profile on the side because they get more access to profiles and can send emails, including to the other standard members. There is still a limit to the things we can do like viewing photos but not as limited as a standard male member. So from time to time I get emails like "My boyfriend likes your profile. Would you fuck him while I watch?" or "My girlfriend and I used to swing together but not anymore. I'm just using her profile. Here are my cock pics." We all know the girlfriend is an imaginary girlfriend.

But what I don't understand is why some men would put up a fake photo and write complete lies on their profile. Check this one out: 6silversurfer. I would find his behaviour a little less creepy if he was Mr. Ugly who just wanted to look at the girls' sexy photos and fantasise a bit. But he's not. He has been featured in the HK Magazine as the coolest entrepreneur in town and he is just downright creepy. I am really tempted to expose his identity, but I decide to expose the fake one instead, and hopefully, he will stop perpetuating creepiness on the site!

So one night, I was out with my girlfriends and I got Mr. Creepy's SMS. He lived in the neighbourhood and said he would come down to meet me. After half an hour or so, he texted me again and said he had arrived. I looked around but couldn't see anyone that resembled the guy in the photo. All I could see was this guy I chatted with when I first joined the site but lost interest later on. He gave me a real face photo and a fake naked photo - gay porn. The model has a God-defying erection and his head is covered in a Moschino shopping bag. Very postmodern. I was naive then and thought maybe he's just shy and therefore had sent me a fake photo as a joke. We exchanged numbers.

Suddenly, a creepy voice came from behind, "Hi, Jasmine", giving me goosebumps right away. Then he said he was 6silversurfer. He told me he used different profiles to meet people. He wanted to see if we are open-minded enough to put down our prejudices or stereotypes - against what? Creeps? I could still feel the spit on my face when he said I had bad taste in liking the Brits.

I love reading [blog lagano]'s blog and I truly understand men's frustrations on the site, hookers, fakes, girls who don't know what they want. On top of that Hong Kong girls are famous for having the "princess syndrome" - all flirts and not enough fucks - partly because of the 10 cocks 1 cunt ratio on the site. You should consider yourself lucky if you get a photo in a week, and maybe a handjob or two in a month! All your complaints have been promptly recorded and filed. But while you are biting your nails thinking "This is a sex site for Christ's sake", think again.

There is always the safety issue if you are a single woman on a sex site. I have been in situations where I just did not feel comfortable and simply had to leave. I was in so much merde for that. One warned the other guys in the chat room against me. Another one had kept texting and leaving me angry messages for two months! We all have had bad experiences. However, I believe things do get better as you stay on. I have become good friends with a few other girls who are serious about playing and we always let each other know who gives good oral and who doesn't! We often get comments like, "Oh you look much better in real than in photos." It is because we are real.

rm_fruityboy25 37M
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3/19/2006 5:25 pm

i do think is sad that some men try to abuse to any women eventho this is a sex site, but it just wrong and they should be ashame of their action!

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