I Have Burnt All My Bras!  

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3/28/2006 9:55 am

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I Have Burnt All My Bras!

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If you have been wondering where I get my images from, the answer is Corbis. The funny thing is I typed "small breasts" in search and the one on the left came up.

[blog need4fun2469] has a new poll about breasts size, which I find interesting. The girls are generally proud of their double-D, while the guys say they love to suck on a good pair of full-C. And if I don't remember it wrong, sassybelle21 once wrote that people tend to think Asian girls have small breasts, but she doesn't. She is pround of her D-cup. A friend in Singapore told me his Thai girlfriend has implants, just like many other Thai girls do. Lin also has very nice 34D breasts, which I enjoy carressing during our menage a trois.

Sigh ... I am depressed now. Even though I am proud of my keen nipples (yes, they get much harder than Lin's), at times I do lament over my exceptionally small breasts.

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