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12/27/2005 7:56 am

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I like visiting the chat rooms because I have met some interesting cocks there - sorry for being metonymic, substituting part for the whole. The Southeast Asia room is a lot of fun, always crowded with horny people. A good variety too - couples, singles, bi/multi-sexuals, trilinguals, quadrilingals ... One of the girls always screams if any Caucasians are visiting Jakarta. A Spanish guy is looking for a wife. A young American banker dreams of a dominant mistress. A veteran is looking for a pussy for him and his bisexual girlfriend. A desperado is willing to pay for ...

As for the China room - maybe I'm too self-conscious - a woman always says, "Jasmine and I are of different styles." "Jasmine and I look for different things. I'm looking for a lover." "I don't meet men in the streets or bars." "I'm not skinny and young like Jasmine. I'm more cuddlicious."

It's so sad when people don't see or treat the others as individuals. It's always "either or", and whoever is different from their "standards" (which are conditioned by the make-believe giant called ideology - more fragile and unreal than pornography) must be bad, abnormal, deviant.

What gives her the right to judge and comment on my style? She doesn't even know me.

I was pissed off but now I feel like giving her face a good lick, on someone who is so obsessed with boundary, with the I/Other, Inside/Outside opposition, with what they aren't, rather than what each person is.

I guess it's her way of airing the armpits, her repression.

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