Conditioned By Pornography  

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3/21/2006 11:52 am

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Conditioned By Pornography

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[blog lagano] my demigod is inviting comments from men on whether they are up (more like whether they can be up long enough) for a threesome with two straight girls: doubletrouble_hk.

OK, first of all, we aren't looking for porn stars, though we were both daunted by the fact that we had missed soul-strip the stud when he and his tres sexy Scottish friend were in town. It was the time of the month and I owe Lin a big favour for the rest of my life ...

We aren't looking for Mr. Energizer Bunny to pull our hair or bang us against the bedpost like crazy either. Think of it as an intimate slumber party. We drink. We chat. Like two little kittens we lie next to you, nibbling on your earlobes. We play with the curls on your hairy chest. We lick your nipples. We go down - Lin gently tongues your cock while I slowly take your balls in my mouth. We even give four-handed massage if we like you enough. ... God, a lot could happen. Just use your imagination. Penetrative sex is so old-school.

Now that I have come to think of it, if you are interested but not sure if can handle us, bring along a cute friend.

I have been humming The Smiths song, "I Started Something I Couldn't Finish." Lin is getting more adventurous each day. We were out one night and she said she wanted FMFM and even FMFMF. Now, I am not so sure. LOL.

The FMF threesome is the fantasy of many men but there are plenty who are just looking for one-on-one on the site. A guy once told me and he has tried FMF that it is more special to have one good partner than two. While I agree with him I also think it can be very nice and intimate with two girls. I guess it's difficult to think outside pornographic images these days. Are there things you did that have not been done in blue movies before? We are supposed to be real but most of the time we are just parodying pornography.

I should rewrite the profile for doubletrouble_hk. We want a nice guy who is also a good friend, is willing listen to us bitch about boys and let us play with on a regular basis. Sex is always better with someone you share a connection with. Lin and I are good friends. Having threesome is making us even better friends. We don't get jealous - well, as long as you manage to come twice - one for each of us. We have our own one-on-one and we only share guys who are new for both of us. I believe we have found one recently. He lives in Taiwai and the three of us have had some good chats. He doesn't see us as one of the "Top Ten Things A Man Has To Do Before He Turns 40". He is thinking about moving to work in Hong Kong actually. If he does, it will be very interesting.

Has anyone watched Truffaut's Jules et Jim? The movie has a tragic ending but I have always loved the portrayal of the friendship between the three main characters. But no vicious cycle please. No emotional vacillation.

rm_steadman1111 51M

3/21/2006 1:01 pm

You guys are a trip, smart as a whip
and more.
I think a guy needs to take a few deep breaths and understand
you are not just a fantasy come true
but and honest-to-god real experience to savor and enjoy
and not have a heart attack during;
he'd need to be 100% in-the-moment.
FMFMF? Whole other ballgame, I think. When you put another dude
in the room everything's different
I don't know quite how...never been there, turned down the one
opportunity I've been presented with.

Arousingeyes 38M
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3/21/2006 1:51 pm

Probably the most intriguing blog I've ever seen! I like the way you see sex and the passion you see in it...if I was in Hong Kong I'd sure wanna share a moment or two with you! About the threesome...
I've never had a 3some, but I've been very curious lately (fantasising if u wanna call it that!),just wouldnt want another man involved! Anyway, I've heard that it's very overrated and that a girl usually gets jealous very easily! I guess I'll never know until I try it. I simply love the way u describe it with your straight lady friend...sensual...intimate. I'm a sucker for foreplay, crazy about it! Check out my blog, I'd like to hear your thoughts on "what do girls really want". I cant seem to post any new thoughts, so there's currently just the one...I have reported it to customer servie though, so I hope to have it sorted out soon!
Lovely licks

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