Being Bratty and Lippy  

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4/15/2006 6:50 am

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Being Bratty and Lippy

Mood: Bratty and Lippy

On the left is a photo of our panties hung behind the bathroom door. Lin's is the black one; mine is the beige one. I wanted to use it as our profile photo but it has been denied.

Anyway, Lin and I are officially in love with the same man. And we insist on the all or nothing policy: he either takes us both or he can kiss both of our cute little butts goodbye. He cannot choose to be with just one of the Chopstick Sisters lol.

My grandfather had two wives: one was a conversative farmer's daughter from Indonesia, another was a chain-smoking social butterfly from Hong Kong. Throughout his life, he kept them well apart: one in Sulawesi with the children, one in Jakarta for showing off in business fuctions.

I once received an email from a married man asking if I would like to be his mistress. He may look just like another suit in the Lion City, a very proper 32-year-old businessman, but his emails were getting more and more poetic, especially after reading my adventures in Singapore. I was tempted, thinking it would be great to get free trips to Singapore, and I could suck demigod_sg under his work desk when my master is busy. But he said he couldn't fly me to Singapore. Too risky. He would visit me in Hong Kong instead. Now I think maybe he has already got a mistress in Singapore. My bubble burst ...

I have fantasised about being Hottie#1's mistress, except he doesn't want me anymore because I refuse to wear boots during sex. Otherwise we could weave a raunchy love story together. I'm sure many of us have had our "episodes" with the married ones. It is actually very common in the university.

Mr. CSIS (try Google it and you'll know what it stands for) has given Lin and me a new nickname. Lin is Lippy and I am Bratty Betty because of my sharp tongue. Well, actually he is the one with the ultimate sharp tongue because he gives the most amazing oral sex, and he doesn't cheat with fingers. I love and hate the way he looked at me when he was licking Lin - it was pure torture!

I don't know about Lin, but why do I keep falling head over heels with men who give good oral sex?

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