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My favourite leisure magazine is GQ because I'm interested in knowing men's interpretation and/or representation of "women". There seems to be more substantial articles than the women magazines as well. Is it because we are still pretty much the novel readers? Anyway, here is a piece of advice given to a man who's fucking his boss' PA at work within limited space and time:

"For women, anticipation is sexy, and the longer you keep this up, the quicker she'll come when you 'let' her have you."

Once, a guy told me he wanted to take photos of my vagina so I could see how beautiful it is, especially when it is slowly opening up. So one day, I went up to his apartment just to have my photos taken.

In his apartment, there was a spare bedroom with only a mattress in the middle and cases of duty-free wine stacked up in one corner. He asked me to wait for him in the bedroom while he went to get his camera. I removed my jeans, my panties, and then lay on the mattress, angling my legs.

He didn't touch me. I didn't touch myself either. He asked me to relax, to improvise, to do whatever I wanted. He was silent during the whole shoot. He clicked away like what a photographer would do. I moved my legs here and there a bit. I giggled. I couldn't help it. Even though I knew him quite well, I felt embarrassed, partly because I was wet, very wet.

Then suddenly he stopped. He put down his camera and pulled me close. He grabbed my legs hard - as if an order - and gave my vagina a long, deep lick. I came instantly with a shiver. I came like that clear click of the shutter.

In my case, it's not just anticipation though. It's also the feeling of vulnerability on that isolated mattress, the feeling that I couldn't hold back any longer.

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