An Ode To My Cunt  

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4/3/2006 10:14 am

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An Ode To My Cunt

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"I will sleep with your brains"-cx250 has strung together a poem about my cunt. I really can't wait for him to recite it to me while he takes more photos of it. And of course I owe him a poem about his cock, which might be a bit difficult because he has just shaved and I like it natural! I think we are becoming the HD and Ezra Pound of AdultFriendFinder.

Jasmine on a bale of hay, her cunt trust up in full display.
Upon this wonderous sight I stare, and start upon her pubic hair.
The pelvic mound a gentle hill, the valley down below to thrill.

My breath upon that valley fell, and from the little ding dell arose a warm full scented smell.
A drop of dew began to form upon those lips so uniform,
And from the rut of that sweet cunt flowed liquid love luxuriant.

So all you fellows brave and bold, who have the pleasure to behold sweet Jasmine and her upturned cunt,
Forsake it not for other views but feast upon and fuck it well.
Or be dammed to eternal hell!

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