365 I Love Yous (008)  

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3/29/2006 12:56 pm

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365 I Love Yous (008)

Mood: Melancholic

I cannot do. I cannot do.
"I cannot do it without you."
My hands are locked
Around your neck.
My eyes in tears.
I see them sparkle
And persevere.
My nipples bitten
They getting bitter -
Just like our love -
Long overdue.
No matter what I do,
I do not dare to tell the truth.
I do not seem to feel in you.
"I cannot do it without you."
You keep on pressing.
You need the number.
You pull my hair.
You know what's BUT -
As if that is what really matters.
In time like this,
We flutter and fear.
Our hearts are wrong:
Not in the right time.
Nor in the same pace.
Look at my knees
All bruised in blues.
Even my elbows
Are chapped in red
From fucking in mess
And far too long.

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