Halloween is for all of us  

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3/20/2006 11:20 pm
Halloween is for all of us

This past Halloween I donned my Star Trek uniform and Commanders pips. I also had a talking severed head, moving zombie hand, eerie music, candles, jacks o lanterns, and a table full of candy that the little ones were so frightened of the severed head and hand i had plenty of candy left which my wife ate. Now shes angry not so much that she supposedly put on 5 pounds eating that candy. well it doesn't seem to get in her way, she is still one of the best partners I have in bed in my life, 5 extra pounds or not I truly enjoy loving her. I just wish she desired me more often. after all when you can cum, as a man, 5 times a day, and have enough swimmers to get someone pregnant that many times, while some wives may see it as a curse others see it as a gift, I approach it with the latter. if I had been born in the middle ages I would have either been a spiritualist leader, or a King, or Both, and women from every land would travel and pay me for my ability. Solomon, had 88 wives, and 408 concubines. Why? because he had the same ability.
God works in mysterious ways, he gave me a for real spermanantor, and a set of tits that are almost as big as my wives. I ain't no TV , all Man,Ii enjoy those baby's of mine, and thank God every night that he didn't make them in such a way that they would lactate. Ha ha!!!!!

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