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2/3/2006 6:44 pm

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Over the years and with much masturbatory practice a have accomplished the Zen feat of multiple organisms. These are not just dry jerking spasms but the ability to really squirt multiple fluid loads. I cannot always accomplish this but if I take my time and work up to it I can pull it off about 25% of the time. Beyond masturbation I can do this quite regularly while fucking my wife now. After ten minutes or so I will shoot a nice size load of cum into here and then to proceed to fuck her for 10 or 15 minutes more. The amazing thing about this is just how good the insides of a cum coated pussy are. The lubrication level is just so different. I am also quite fond of reaching up behind her bum checks and smearing the cum over here anus and then slipping my fingers up her butthole.

This got me fantasizing about what it would be like to be the second man in a MMF. My wife would never go for this but I thought it would be a rush to have second duty after a guy had just fucked his wife and dumped a full load. It would feel so good to just be able to slip in to it. No working to get you cock hear past her lips, they would just be there gapping, waiting for you to drive it on in. In a cream filled pussy the cock works like a suction pump, suck the cum out then driving it in, loads of cum would be running down her ass crack forming a huge puddle on the bed. It is a bit of loss for the women because it is so slick you loose some of the friction but you can really make up for it in pounding intensity. Maybe the wife would lick her husbands cock clean while I work on the refilling per pussy. We could share licks from the creampie afer was done.

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