Another day...  

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5/23/2006 6:31 pm

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9/13/2006 7:17 pm

Another day...

Well, after another crappy day at work, I guess I will add to my 100 things about me list..
11. I used to be a "skinny" girl (that is for Amy), but I am comfortable with myself now also.
12. I was a rodeo queen.
13. I love Harley's.
14. I love to crochet and cross stitch.
15. I have the most beautiful grandchildren.
16. I love to travel and would be comfortable on a beach anywhere.
17. I feel the need to win the lottery (no such luck yet).
18. I can be happy just doing nothing as long as my family is around.
19. I am kinda shy and have a hard time meeting new people.
20. Sometimes I am way to sensitive and get my feelings hurt easily.
21. I am a breast cancer survivor.
22. I have 15 brothers and sisters.
23. I love to be around happy, laughing people.
24. I have a ginormous DVD collection.
25. I can shop for hours and spend very little.
26. I only buy things on sale (you know, it was on sale and we were going to need it anyway).
27. I love BBQ's with a bunch of friends, just sitting around talking.
28. I love to cook, but hate to clean up after.
29. I would love to live in Cancun Mexico.
30. I think tattoos are sexy.

Tequila_princess 45F
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5/24/2006 7:44 am

LOL assuming this is Trina...I just keep learning more and more... I really enjoyed you at the party... since you cant make the next party maybe we need a in between party so we can all hang out...


BBW's For Pleasure and Fun! come join and have fun!

SirMounts 103M

6/6/2006 3:23 pm

Well, that is a very good introduction of you.
Welcome to blogging, Jake and Tracy. *smiling*

Tequila_princess 45F
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6/17/2006 3:51 pm

just saying I'm ready for you to do a new blog lol ... will miss ya both this weekend...


BBW's For Pleasure and Fun! come join and have fun!

CoolsDamnaFlava 45F

7/2/2006 12:37 am

aww jake likes to crochet and cross stitich i knew he and i had things in common besides being a smart ass


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