Progress on stuff, yay!  

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2/8/2006 3:04 pm

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Progress on stuff, yay!

Alright, incase the references to art bypass the grey matter constantly, I'm an artist, first and foremost.
I love art, and i perticularly love to draw comics (which is art, verbal, and visual). It's a facination i have with comics, Calvin and Hobbs, Evangelion, Peanuts....all good rich classics that have gotten me really into comics. Its a far better way to convey a story then a book, as it is visual, and far less exspensive then making a movie. I had, basically, everything i needed, right in front of me. Scanner, printer paper, assorted erasers and mechanical pencils, and my computers. I really didnt get good at the visual medium till about a year ago, when i decided i'd finally bring my project into fruitition. Thus, i began to work on further improving my skills, and now, I'm VERY glad that the possibilities of my publishing my work looks spectacularly possible. Infact, it could be a true reality, years before i thought it could be true. I found what seems to be an excellent printing company, which also acts as a publisher, which could mean that I have a chance to make my dream come true: Comic Book creator/writer. So now, my outlook is very good on things, and very bright. I just need to finish about 3 or 4 more chapters of work, then i can probably get to publishing. The only real problem, I believe, is how to reconstruct lost pages (due to a crippling hard drive failure in december, a month ago). I have to go by, in all senses, visual guessing. Infact, I'm going to use the oppritunity to go back, and clean up and redo the pages, so that they're coherent artistically with the new pages (16 to 22 now). I'm going to ask them if there is any possible way to evetually increase the page size from 56 pages (112 front and back) to a more bulky 112 (which would double the size, and make a 224 page manga book, more in line with typical mangas). The only thing is, so far, 56 is their max, from what i understand. This is fairly unfortuneate, as I've really been wanting to make them as true to a manga as possible, without some big brother type agreement of "Do this, and we'll publish it." like im sure those with dark horse, or Tokyopop have to deal with. The awesome thing is, i can print out about 500 books, and sell them, and still make at least a 70% profit on them. That, to me, is wonderful.
why? I can finally turn what many take to be a hobby into a viable source of income. What i make off the comic, will of course, either go to pay for advertising and more books, but i can take that money, and acutally use it to pay for things like tax, maybe new games, or upgrades, or even pay for my college more, or the whole way. It all depends on how well people like my material. If i sell enough books, for an 18 year old, this could be the best investment i could make. Basically, each book will cost me $2.00. Now, I can sell each book for $10.00. That's a large profit, by my standards, and covers the cost of printing, on my part, as well as itself, as i have to pay tax on the income (income tax is such a bad concept, drop income take, make it all sales tax, simple, clean, government would make more money, we'd have more money to spend, everyone is happy smiles.).
Now, Aside from all that, if i do start to sell my comics as a book, i'll have to register the store as a business, and pay taxes, im sure, as well as other fees and the like, which im sure I'll hate doing with hate to spare! I dont like filling out quid pro quo bull so that some person behind a desk with a stamp in one hand, and a magnifying glass in the other can nod, and stamp, and move on.
The good thing about this is i'd be running my own business, and i'd be making the money. I could be more independant, and less relyant on my parents (something i'm sure they dont enjoy too much.). Anyways, I'm going to get back to working on my comic. Things are beginning to get better now, and i'd like to keep it getting better. : D

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2/8/2006 4:08 pm

I am glad things are getting better!

Purry {=}


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