I Took in the Wrong Film  

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8/24/2006 3:49 pm

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I Took in the Wrong Film

So, back in the day, I used to sell this stuff that could potentially earn you a pink cadillac. Think Dallas. At the time one of the promotions used to attract new customers was doing before and after make-overs - taking the photos and sending them in for prizes...etc.

Well, I was selling the stuff like crazy using this promotion - so, I had tons of these box cameras that needed to be developed for the promotion. One day I grab the 8 or so cameras off of the counter and take it to a local 1-hour developer. The man at the counter asks me what the occasion was that I would have 8+ cameras that I needed developed at one time. I give him the non-specific answer that I'd been trained to give - "I go to people's homes, show them what I have, if they want it great and if not that's great too. I just love sharing what I have with others". Whatever.

I went back in a few hours - the guy is looking at me really strangely. WTF? He asks me again what it is I do - and I give him the same BS answer. He smiles all creepy....I pay, I leave.

Get to my car - open the pictures. Freakin' A! My husband had put rolls of film from the last trip he and his swingin' dick buddies had taken to Vegas in with my rolls. Strippers - guys I know nekkid (saggy dog balls and all) - general debauchery....but based on my BS answer to the camera store dude I AM NOW A HOOKER. Holy F@#K!

Oh, BTW, did I mention that I live in a FREAKIN' SMALL town that at the time had count 'em ONE 1-hour photo place.

I'm totally wigged out - I call my husband and tell him the entire story...he's laughing so hard he has to pull off of the road. He's dying laughing at my situation, until he realizes that I have photo evidence of the party in my hot little hands. He's screwed if I snap into superbitch mode, and who ever knows what will cause that snap - maybe somebody not empathizing with me about my new HOOKER status in Smallville?

As a side note - Personally - I dig it when he's been out with the guys...strippers, etc - because he comes home horny beyond belief - all good for me - but some of the other wives are...well, stupid. The stupid ones would make life miserable for everybody if they found out....

Got to tell you - I gave him the photos (negatives too), never said a word to any of the other wives, and never let on to any of the guys that I even knew anything about the party or the pics. I did, however, nickname one of the guys "Dog Balls" but I only use it with my husband...those things must be made of lead...Oh, and I started driving the extra 30 miles to develop my film.

What would you have done?
Have you met anybody with dog balls?
What freaks women out about strippers?

rm_medic4fun69 47M
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11/11/2006 11:18 am

that was freaking funny shit... reminds me of a time in a bank where a little girl was acting up, the bank was full on a friday,and her mom loudly scolded her child saying she was going to spank her bottom in front of everyone at the bank... to which the little girl replied" If you do i will tell everyone here that I saw you put dads penis in your mouth last night"....the little girl was not very quiet and mom turned beat red and ran from the bank...dragging the lil girl behind

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