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rm_jacina_n 44F
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9/7/2006 11:46 am

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keeping a leash on it

Hey again *grins* ..... just when you thought it was safe to back to blogville...

This weeks topic is another close girls heart, subbies/slaves and their behaviour. This one was wondering why some behave the way that they do? .... girl is not tarring everyone with the same brush but girl has noticed that whilst some behave beautifully wheither Their Dom/me is in the room or not others behave terribly.

Now hey girl has been known to blow a gasket in the past (just the other day actually which resulted in a general apology to the basement dwellers) but for the most part this one believes her behaviour reflects directly onto her Sir.....if she is the slave from hell whats that going to tell ppl about her One? So girl tries to behave at all times as if her Sir is stood behind her with a large stick. *weg*

So the random thoughts for now are these... girl firmly believes that to please her Sir and be the best slave she can be her behaviout should be the best that it can be, she should always strive to make Him proud of her..... but what of those that don't do this..... should they be kept on a shorter leash or is this what their Masters want protrayed as acceptable behavior?

Do their Masters/Dom/mes find bad behaviour acceptable? and if so why?

And lastly and if acceptable when Master is not there why do they not behave in the same way when Master is there ?

lily_of_hmslf_ 46F

9/7/2006 2:14 pm

jacina sis....

i have also often wondered about this. have often wondered why someone who claims to be a Dom/me would accept, and sometimes even encourage bad behavior in their sub. not only does it paint a poor picture of the sub...poor behavior making it difficult for them to make and retain friends in this community, but the behavior of a sub is a direct reflection on the Dom/me! is there a reason for them wishing to be seen as someone who cannot control their subs actions and behaviors? would this not be a VERY basic function of a Dom/me? to develop and foster a level of control over the sub's will? this is why i find it quite incredible when i am told by one who is displaying this bad behavior that they "have permission" to act as they do...

as for consistant behavior.... i would venture to guess that those who diplay inconsistant behavior consistantly (lol) are most likely just playing online games. their little venture into BDSM is just a tiny piece of their lives, and they have trouble staying in character. it is so much easier to type the words "yes Master" than it is to actually live them.

thank you for the food for thought!



Camzilla 54M
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9/7/2006 4:18 pm

Some come to learn, others come to vent, a few to foster drama, still others to perform, and hopefully some arrive to share wisdom in any chat room. Perhaps one Dom/Domme wishes to cultivate the mind set that only they are worthy of that submissives gift. e.g. a steed only they could tame. Would explain the "switch" in behavior...perhaps. Best case scenario. Any number of nicknames for a similar behavior(sammy, et al.) Poor behavior to elicit a desired end. Or, as is the case of many in any internet chat room, the mask they wear when online is too taxing to maintain "24/7".

Me personally...I would hope my chosen "one" would be respectful of those deserving, but would be free to return disrespect or harrasement with the appropriate vigor to dissaude such from taking advantage of her"submissive" posture. Especially when I wasn't present*s*.

And in answer to the question of whether the behavior of one reflects on the other? Yes. Both ways. And probably is a good indicator of the quality of far as anything O/one views in a chat room can be trusted to reflect anything*s*


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